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Git Happens 2 KCDC

Git Happens: the new thing in version control is here to stay. Get your head around it. all-new Prezi for KCDC 2013

Jessica Kerr

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Git Happens 2 KCDC

Git Happens commit 3f6aed06133a7b292b839c30db029257f2358e01
Author: Jessica Kerr <@jessitron>
Date: Sat May 04 10:50:38 2013 -0500 concepts | +++
vocabulary | +++++
why | +++
what-to-type | --
github | - Git is Hard Unlearn Subversion DAG Directed
Graph SHA-1 hash 7c50d0aabcfd6b62a36ba67fc937c45c6f9c1694 Tree a64f03 Main.java df678a Staging Area add commit checkout reset commit Author & author date
Committer & commit date tree message parent pointers master kcdc13 HEAD branchypoo HEAD branch branchypoo HEAD master HEAD fast-forward merge branchypoo concurrent changes master HEAD merge commit master HEAD origin clone bare origin bare clone upstream remote remote master HEAD master origin/master fetch master fetch origin/master merge conflicts push push merge conflicts upstream master master origin/master feature branches rebase bug fix feature branches rebase branch Author & author date
Message Committer & commit date
Parent more fun cherry-pick cherry-pick squash more fun & squash squashme insanity rebase -i how to use git when to use git git-svn git-tfs git-flow gitk tower IntelliJ
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