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ECSP 3171- Classroom managment-choices

No description

Rhonda King

on 2 April 2012

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Transcript of ECSP 3171- Classroom managment-choices

choices Research shows the brain reacts differently when a choice is offered. (Glasser, 1985). By offering children 2 positive choices you help them do the following:
attend to the task you deem important
comply with your wishes
learn decision-making skills
feel empowered, thereby reducing power struggles
redirect their behavior and learn impulse control
establish and maintain self control How?
tell the child they have a choice
State their choices "you may ___ or you may____".
"What is your choice?"
"you choose _____". Be positive with this statement. deliver 2 positive choices by:
giving true choices (2 positve or 2 acceptable to you)
think in positive terms about what you want the child to do activities:
Group A: Playing with food
Group B: Listening
Group C: Finishing work
Group D: page 148 Parroting technique page 150 from Conscious Discipline by Dr. Becky Bailey
Read and summarize in your own thoughts and words see page 154
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