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Clara Barton

No description

Katie O'Brien

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of Clara Barton

Have you ever Heard of the American Red Cross?

Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross. She was born December 25,1821. She grew up in a town called Oxford, Massachusetts. She was one of four kids. When she was about 19 she moved out of her parents' house and moved to Washington D.C. She became famous because she was the founder of the American Red Cross. Birth & Childhood Education She first became interested in nursing when she was about nine years old. She was her brothers' nurse for about two years. She became a teacher at age 17. She started to lose interest in teaching because a male took over the school. She opened a school in New Jersey. She took a French, German, history, and science classes for about a year. Women got paid less than men did back then. And Clara told the school board if she didn't get a higher pay then she was going to stop being a teacher. The school board had a meeting that night and thought it wasn't worth losing their best teacher, so instead they gave her what she wanted, higher pay. Struggles & Obstacles Clara had a bit of trouble of getting the American Red Cross started. It took about four years until it became really big and popular. Clara struggled with shyness as a child. Her mother was a afraid she wouldn't make any friends. Officers thought that she caused too much trouble. She became very depressed and diagnosed with a painful disease of the colon. Remarkable Facts She was the founder of the American Red Cross. She collected objects to help the wounded soldiers. She also convinced the U.S. Government to change the Geneva.( A document ) To help the wounded soldiers. For the next 23 years she directed the activities of the organization. Clara was the first women on the battle field. Miscellaneous Facts Two thousand soldiers died, one thousand lacked medical care, food, water, and clean clothing. She stopped working in 1857 because she contracted a severe case of illness in her colon. She died on good friday. Works Cited
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By:Katie O'Brien
period 6 Conclusion Clara Barton has made a remarkable change to are world. She was the founder of the American Red Cross, without that today there would be a lot of people dieing in natural disasters and etc. Now that I have told you about Clara Barton I hope you have learned something. My thoughts If I could interview Clara Barton I would ask her why she wanted to help a lot of people out? I think she would respond,"I don't like to see a single person fail so I tried to help out." My second question would be why were you so shy as a child? I think she would respond," Because I was afraid of getting put down." My third question would be How do you feel that the Red Cross is still around today? I think she would respond," It feels amazing because I made a big accomplishment in life."
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