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CANADA Resarch Project

No description

Clara Vilanova

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of CANADA Resarch Project

CANADA Why Canada? -Awesome landscapes
-Is an unknown country for us.
-Some musics or famous people for us
are Canadian Climate
-In inner provinces winters are very hard
-The other has a cooler and rainier winter. Languages -Two official languages: French and English History -Pre-colonization and colonization
-Wars in the colonial era
-Canada after the wars
-First World War and woman suffrage
-Great Depression
-Second World War
-Post-war era Economy Demography -33,476,688 people live in Canada
-80% of the population live near
USA border Religions -Christians: Catholics and Protestant
-Other religions -Canada was a largely rural economy. Nowadays, it is an urbanized and industrial one. -Primary sector: rich in cereals and grains.

-Secondary sector: is dominated by petroleum, oil and gas resources.

-Tertiary sector: second-largest export
market and services. Government
and Politics -Canada has got a federal structure.
-Legislative branch:
·Canadian Monarch
·House of Commons
·Senate Canada's head of State is Elizabeth II Education Culture Architecture: -Techniques by Western World.
-Buildings were ready to defend
-Developed into other
styles -Pimary, secondary and post-secondary.

-5.6% Students are in private schools

-Universities maintained a religious
history or foundation. Folklore: Consists in legends, mythology, ghosts and traditional. Gastronomy: is a combination of all the cultures (most of England) Arts: visual and plastics -Aboriginal art
-French colonial
-English colonial
-Art under the Dominion of Canada
-Early 20th Century
-Contemporary art Literature -Howard Engel
-David Waltner-Toews Performing arts Dance, music and theater Sports -Ice hockey
-Canadian football -Basketball
-Baseball Ice hockey and lacrosse are the most popular sports Symbols Maple leaf Great seal Canadian tartan Curiosities -Forbidden to drink on the street.

-Under 19 age are considered minors.

-Is a country that has more cars per person.

-The temperature goes to 35Cº(summer) to -30Cª(winter)

-Women accounted 45% manpower of the country.

-Smoke is forbidden except in restaurants where there is a smoking area.
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