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The Lingua Franca

No description

Roksana Bialczak

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of The Lingua Franca

The Lingua Franca
Is English the Global Language?
Applied English
The global business language is English.
With Mandarin Chinese being the only competition, it seems more plausible for English to be the first choice.
Mandarin is one of the world's most difficult to master, it is least computer-friendly and not entirely universal in China.
Multinational companies find that adopting English makes it easier to recruit globally, reach global markets, integrate foreign acquisitions and address global production teams.

- The Economist
A global language can be referred to as such when it achieves recognition in every country.
This has little to do with how many people speak it--- rather it is important to consider WHO speaks it.
The spread of the global language reflects the political and military power of its people.
English became the language on which the "sun never sets" because of the industrial and economic power of Britain and the United States.
It is used as a communication tool to unite people who speak many different languages.
It becomes the "common language" or the "lingua franca."
Introduction of TOEFL in 1964-- making this a fairly recent trend
Guatemalans speak over 20 indigenous languages, most of them Mayan languages ; Spanish is the official language
USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development) provides funding for a number of bilingual programs in the country
The Directorate of Bilingual and Intercultural Education is Guatemala's oldest and largest program operating in about 1200 rural schools throughout the country
Access to Intercultural Bilingual Education Project
Bilingual education used as a way of preserving Mayan language and culture

Country of 4 million people with 9 indigenous languages
Official languages are Tigrigna, Arabic and English
60% of schools opt for local language of the community as medium of instruction
Country wants to provide education in language children understand and then to add a second language for wider communication
Use of the mother language is not enough for students to receive a high quality education
String of small islands
Population of 200,000 speaks more than 100 languages
Lingua franca is Bislama an English-based pidgin or creole
Country working to unify the English and French curriculum
Evolution of bilingual education
Local language (preschool- grade 3)
English (grade 4 and up)
Loss of cultural vocabulary/nuances - PR
Loss of ability to communicate across generations
A language dies every 14 days- PR
When a language dies, we don't know what knowledge or thoughts we lose with it
Having to pass an English test
Rejection of ideas from different languages
English teachers as "gatekeepers" to the university system. English has to be "good enough"
Our system equates intelligence with English
Difficulties of implementing a global language
Pros of English as a Global Language
Reaching global markets
Less use of translations- more access to different materials
Very profitable business- teaching English
Creates new jobs
World University Rankings- Top 5 education systems are English based (Cambridge, UK; Harvard; Yale; UCL, UK; MIT)
Increases communication between countries
Crystal, David. English as a Global Language. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1997. Print.
Ryan, Patricia. Ted Talks. Dubai. Dec. 2010. Lecture.
Ryder, Brett. "The English Empire." The English Empire 15 Feb. 2014, Business sec.: n. pag. Print.
Ward, Mary E. English for the Fashion Industry. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2012. Print.

The global fashion industry relies on a common language to communicate with its international markets.
Many schools offer programs have been developed specifically for people working in, or preparing to work in, the fashion industry who need to use English every day at work to communicate.
The top fashion schools are located all over the world: London, England; Tokyo, Japan; New York, New York; Antwerp, Belgium; Milan, Italy; Paris, France.
It is impossible to predict linguistic growth or the emergence of a global language, simply because it has never been done before.
This is a critical moment in linguistic history. The rapid expansion of English as a common language is unprecedented.
To make a global lingua franca a reality, we must take many things into consideration, especially the retainment of national linguistic identities.
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