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No description

Nate Hackley

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Hessians

by: Nathan Hackley

Who were the hessians?
They were very skilled with swords and guns so they were very good in wars
Why Britain wanted Hessians in battle
The Hessians did not get along with the British
They were tall men that wore long black boots
What did the Hessians look like?
They were very skilled with swords and guns
They were a group of trained soldiers from Germany
They were hired by Great Britain to help fight in the Revolutionary war
Hessians with the British
It gave them 30,000 extra soldiers to help fight in battle
Too help them win battles such as the battle of long island
British military wanted them out, but they respect the hessians fighting skills
They wore lots of golden colored garments like shirts and pants
They wore blue and red coats
They wore a helmet that looked like a curled dome with a fluff ball on top
The Hessians thought the British were weak

NOTICE: The following presentation contains copyrighted materials used under the Multimedia Guidelines and Fair Use exemptions of U.S. Copyright law. Further use is prohibited.
My inspiration
I got my inspiration from a subtitle in my book
Great idea?
How it relates to the Book
In the book Samuel, from
Woods Runner
, has to deal with many Hessians through out his journey
Works Consulted

Where did they come from
They were trained in Hesse-Kassel
It was part of the Roman empire
How many lived after the war
There were approximately 12,000 that came home
That means that 18,000 died over in America
Battle at Long Island
Took place on August 27, 1776
George Washington lost 970 troops
After the Americans lost George Washington kept himself cool and calm and plotted revenge
Why did the Hessians agree to help the british
They signed up because they wanted money and they loved to battle
Flipping through pages and found the subtitle that said "Hessians".

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"The Hessians." The Hessians. Harper and Brothers Publishers, 2014. Web. 03 Dec. 2014. <http://www.americanrevolution.org/hessindex.php>.
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