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Action Plan Update

Q110-Action Plan Update

Kelly Marlin

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Action Plan Update

2010 Action Plan
Q1 Performance Update branding.and.marketing 2010 Strategies Progress to Date Increase community and
GJEP brand awareness Goals & Opportunities Business Resource Fair
Develop ROI sound-bites
Attend new trade shows
Ad in GV Magazine
Investigate new marketing opps
Continue to feature local businesses (http://www.gjep.org/Featured-Local-Business.aspx) Increase traffic to
www.gjep.org Regular web updates & associated tweets

Analyzed Google Analytics to determine
"value" of referring sites Continue to use social media to drive traffic to www.gjep.org
Continue to review Google Analytics Engage community to
build brand awareness Collaboration with GVYP to feature
young pros/community ambassadors

"What's Hot/What's Not" Presentations Continue to work on development
of the ambassdor program Build reputation as
"one-stop-shop" for
data and information Work with City, County, WFC to
develop regular reports

Enhanced GJEP's data center
(http://www.gjep.org/Data---Demographics-Data-Center.aspx) Partner with Business Times to provide
Economic Indicator Report Branding & Marketing Performance Measures Business Recruitment.Expansion.Retention 2010 Strategies Progress to Date Goals & Opportunities Continue to aggressively work new
and existing industry prospects Assisted with business expansions (AFW, Press-One)

Completed aviation/aerospace one-pager Develop additional target industry one-pagers Develop and implement a business
retention program to ensure jobs
remain in Mesa County Conducted site visits with
several local businesses

Attend Manufacturer's Council Continue to visit (and profile)
local businesses
Business Resource Fair Build capacity and value-added
services for local businesses Received report from Regional
Listening to Business

Worked with regional ED groups
to ensure participation in West
Slope Listening to Business program Utilize results from West Slope LTB report to fill gaps in ED services for existing businesses Develop an effective method of providing land for GJEP prospects that will enable Mesa County to be a more competitive business location Administer Land Taskforce Committee

Participate in IDI meetings where possible

Began discussion with GJ Airport about possible land options

Prepared benchmarking report Continue work with Land Taskforce & IDI
Continue talks with GJ Airport
Present price/process "matrix" to IDI Economic Development Resources 2010 Strategies Progress to Date Goals & Opportunities Build support, capacity & understanding for economic development at the State and regional level and thereby increase the competitiveness of Colorado and Mesa County as a place for business Continue to play a leadership role at the EDCC, CELC, and WCEA

Lead efforts to preserve the EZ and other tax benefits and incentives both at a local and state level

Develop relationships with statewide elected officials and educate on benefits of tax credits and incentives Further develop relationships with OEDIT
EDCC Spring Conference
Continue to work with State legislators regarding EZ preservation Promote understanding & awareness of the importance of the economy and economic development within the community Successful Q1 Wrap in Daily Sentinel

ED Day with Chamber Leadership class

Serve as an "economic impact" resource

ROI Reports Daily Sentinel Wraps
Business Times Economic Indicators
"State of Business Attraction" Report
Increase distribution of presentations
Enhance/develop GJEP reputation as a community resource Continue to build the website, blog and connect to the community wherever possible GVYP
Business Times Increased # of blog posts

Increased # of tweets & followers

Regular CREJ submissions

New KAFM "reads" & times

Relevant Press Releases
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