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Brand Ambassador Training

This is the Brand Ambassador Ninja Training!

Thought Creator

on 10 May 2018

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Transcript of Brand Ambassador Training

Brand Ambassador
Ninja Training
The purpose of this training is so that you have a better understanding on how to perform your job role and so that you know what is expected of you.
Ninja Approved
Now you have all the skills you need to be an amazing brand ambassador for EssenceCartoon

Things you should know...
EssenceCartoon started as a YouTube Channel in 2013 and from all the popularity from social media we then became a business LLC in 2015.
Our clients include, but are not limited to:
Kickerstarter Clients
Sizzle/Pitching to Networks Clients
Corporate Explainer Clients
Music Industry Clients
Web series clients
Comic-to-Cartoon Clients
Animation Cost can vary base on complexity and the length of the video.
Build Your Ninja Pitch
Are you a Ninja?
You must be engaged in our community. (i.e. commenting on post, liking and sharing content.)
Active on all (or the ones you have accounts for) social channels. Active means liking, sharing and commenting.
Sending us referrals (You earn 5% on the sale)
Must be influential at getting people to like, subscribe and watch our content.
Must very knowledgeable about our EssenceCartoon (Recent Projects completed, Current Stuff we are working on.)
Attend at least one animation team meeting a month
Get them talking!
How did you hear about this event?
Do you know the host of the event?
What is on your reading list?
What are you the most passionate about and why?
What is one of your biggest challenges with your business?
What do you like the most about your career/business?
Where are you from?
Were you born here?
What did you think about the event?
So what is your story?
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