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Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

No description

Abdiel Negron

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

Computer- Integrated Manufacturing
Abdiel Negron
Engineering Technology
Period 2-3

Who introduced CIM ?
CIM was introduced by Dr. Joseph Harrington through his book called Computer Integrated Manufacturing in the year 1974.
CIM was introduced in the year 1974 through a book called Computer integrated Manufacturing , but people ignored this book till 1984 realizing the potential benefits of Dr. Joseph Harrington's concept.
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Computer Integrated manufacturing
CIM today
Today CIM is made up of many subsystems such as:
Computer- aided manufacturing (CAM)
Computer-aided design (CAD)
Robotics numerically controlled machine tools (NCMT)
Automatic storage and retrieval system (ASRS)
What is CIM ?
CIM is the manufacturing approach of using computers to control the entire production process.
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