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Hardware and software for digital graphics

No description

Chris K

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Hardware and software for digital graphics

>>> "The operating system you use will have a package included for free which will perform basic editing to cover most peoples needs."
"Paint.net will crop, sharpen, adjust color and let you paint onto the canvas itself...

>>> "Tons of open source packages are freely available for the real computer geeks (I'm a Linux user too), so it just depends what distro you are using. However most times GIMP will be the go to app for retouching your eHarmony profile pic."

>>> "In fact GIMP is available for all three operating systems and is easily the most encompassing solution for all your needs. You can create layer masks, replace color, create selections, heal/clone, create digital art from scratch and many, many more things. AND IT'S FREE!"
Need something a bit more
called Photoshop?

Pretty much the industry standard for making people beautiful and doctoring fake IDs is Adobe's Photoshop. Anytime you've seen a copy of (insert any magazine) the front cover will usually have an apparently important celebrity boasting how they've lost their baby weight in 4 days! More likely is that the clever algorithms of Photoshop have ironed out the creases or removed the facial blemishes of "hectic life choices"
>>> "Seriously though Photoshop is so much more than that and has a feature list unrivaled by any other application to enable some truly mind blowing results."
Photoshop alternatives
>>> "There is an array of quality and
often cheaper programs on the market
that can create similar effects should you
choose a different route."
Well you're going to need a computer!
>>> "Something with a snappier processor than Micheal J Fox and Prince Harry have got here is recommended and even more so if you want to work with 3D graphics.
>>> "All new PCs and Macs should be absolutely
fine dealing with anything you throw at it
but as with games and video, the higher
the spec of the machine the smoother and
quicker things will be rendered."

for digital graphics
Input devices
>>> "The keyboard has never been any good as a creative tool (well..apart from writing!) but the mouse and keyboard combo glide through tasks effortlessly, complementing each other and are never going away! The Torvill and Dean of peripherals."
A very relevant
digital image.?

>>> "If you are serious about
digital art or haven't recently
won the Gadget Show
competition you'll probably
want one of these:"
>>> "After watching that I want one!
That bad boy rocks up at £475 but around £200 will get a smaller but very decent tablet device to create amazing, artistic lunacy like this."
>>> "It does however cost £600-£700 for the full CS suite, so here are some applications that don't strangle you in your sleep."

>>> "In order to create and edit digital images and graphics you're going to need some hardware."

Like what?
>>> "
Today you have many choices of applications to edit your photographs and pictures"

"OS-X gives a couple of solutions to the problem of cropping out an ex partner.
iPhoto does a great job of retouching and adding effects while keeping everything organized but even the Preview app, that is used to open your PDFs, can do the trick without all the bells and/or whistles."
>>> "It's worth taking a bit of time reading a few reviews and really thinking about what features
you're going to need before parting with your
hard earned cash."

File formats
A compressed file format used for photographs and web.
Image types
>>> "A vector image is made mathematically from points and paths and unlike Raster images is scalable without losing quality and resolution.
>>> "Raster images are bitmaps and are made up from many pixels. They are not scalable and will lose resolution and quality as you zoom in"
high quality format used as the standard for photography. No color loss = large file size and not suitable for web
Photoshop file format for use for editing. Compatible with both PC and Mac. PSD files are saved in layers so changes are non-destructive.
(portable networks graphic)
(graphics interchange format)
(joint photographic experts group)
(tagged image file)
(photoshop document)
gif files only support 256 colours making them small, so great for web logos. They support animation and transparency plus they interlace as they load.
think of a "ping" as an enhanced gif but without the animation. It is a lossless file type and supports millions of colours.
Vector file types
Raster files types
Adobe Illustrator
>>>Illustrator is a graphics design tool for creating scalable vector artwork that can be used for print and web.
16 Processing Cores
520 MHz GPU
1238 MHz Shader Clock

1024 MB, 64 bit DDR3
1200 MHz (effective)
9.6 GB/s Memory Bandwidth
Up to 925MHz Engine Clock
3GB GDDR5 Memory
1375MHz Memory Clock (5.5Gbps GDDR5)
264GB/s memory bandwidth (maximum)
3.79 TFLOPS Single Precision compute power
GCN Architecture
32 compute units (2048 Stream Processors)
128 Texture Units
128 Z/Stencil ROP Units
32 Color ROP Units
Dual Geometry Engines
Dual Asynchronous Compute Engines (ACE)
PCI Express 3.0 x16 bus interface
DirectX® 11.1-capable graphics
9th generation programmable hardware tessellation units
Shader Model 5.0
DirectCompute 11
Accelerated multi-threading
HDR texture compression
Order-independent transparency
The specification of the hardware used will greatly affect how well your system runs.
For digital imaging, the Radeon out performs the Nvidia and would be the much better choice. It greater amount of memory and quicker clock speed would allow smoother rendering and faster processing. The Radeon has a lot of features that give it the ability to work in 3D whereas the Nvidea would struggle due to its limited specification.
Wacom Cintiq 24HD

Interactive pen display

Size - 769 x 463 x 64 mm
30.3 x 18.2 x 2.5 in

Weight - 28.6 kg with stand (63.8 lbs.)

Screen Size (Measured Diagonally) - 61 cm
24.1 inch

Displayable Colors -(maximum) 16.7 million

Pressure Levels - Full HD 1920 x 1200

Brightness - 190 cd/m2

Response Rate - 13ms
Wacom Intuos-pen CTL480

Size - 152 x 95mm

Weight - 300g

Resolution - 2540pi

Reading Speed - 133pps

Pressure Levels - 1024
For creating and editing images I believe that both of these tablets are excellent. For the professional artist the Cintiq would provide the better everyday tool to use as it incorporates a touch-pad and HD display into one unit, making it more precise and easy to work with. The Intuos being smaller and lighter would be the better option if you need your equipment to travel with you. The Intuos is a very reasonable £60 however the Cintiq will require the selling of a kidney at £2000
Windows Paint will, for a lot of people be the only image editing tool that they need. It provides plenty of tools to create, crop and manipulate images
Adobe Photoshop is peerless and the industry standard in the image editing world. It works with all of the file types that you will ever need and contains a plethora of tools and options.
Clone Stamp
Many filters
Works with most file types
More accurate tools
Integration with other products

Basic editor
Only works with some file types
Limited tools
Cannot render Raw and .psd files
No layering option
Limited output quality
No integration with other industry
For anybody seriously looking to work with design and image manipulation then Photoshop is a valuable tool to learn and by far the better of the two compared here.
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