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Industrial Photographer

No description

Tina Nguyen

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Industrial Photographer

A Presentation By: Industrial Photographer What is a industrial photographer? General Information: They take pictures of factory equipment, user manuals, safety manuals, and etc. How much can you make? Salary Range: $40,000-$100,000+ Best Locations? New England, Washington DC, Florida, Nevada, California And Michigan Skills/ Personality Traits: Education, Training, Experience... Education/ Training: 2-4 Years in College
Degree in Photography
Training in Design Software Experience: 2-3 Years Experience As A Photographer with Commercial Studio
Several Years of Experience as An Apprentice or Assistant Photographer Independent, familiarity with industries, machinery, and equipment, patient, flexible with time, organized, and able to travel and work on location at various sites. Tina Nguyen, Cathryn Bell, and Melissa Medrano We All Hope You Enjoyed Out Presentation.
Thank You Again! Peter Panayiotou: Industrial Photographers: > Native England Male, Served as the editorial, advertising, and corporate communities for over 20 years
> Works at Panayiotou Photography located in Chicago. Bringing reliability, quality, and creativity to every assignment. Producing his great graphic design not only in color but also in Black and White Jackie Shumaker > Well known for her extraordinary imagery of the industrial world and won awards for her original works

http://www.jackieshumaker.com/#mi=1&pt=0&pi=2&p=-1&a=0&at=0 http://hanneby.com/2011/08/industrial-photographer-job-description-careers-salary-employment-definition-education-and-training-requirements/ http://hanneby.com/2011/08/industrial-photographer-job-description-careers-salary-employment-definition-education-and-training-requirements/ Takes pictures of different aspects of industries, for company report, machinery, equipment, products and people, sometimes architecture of the buildings as well

Works on location at factories, mine, power plants, tankers and other sites Daily Tasks: Schools: The Brooks Institute of Photography
The New York Institute of Photography
The Hallmark Institute of Photography CO$T: Cost depends on course length, subject matter taught and the reputation of particular school http://hanneby.com/2011/08/industrial-photographer-job-description-careers-salary-employment-definition-education-and-training-requirements/ Bibliography:

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