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NCE 3, Lesson 11: Not Guilty

No description

Chris Tuazon

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of NCE 3, Lesson 11: Not Guilty

Part I:
Review Part II:
Extensive Activity 1 Part II:
Extensive Activity 2 NCE 3, Lesson 11, Period 2 Not Guilty pounced spotted light up dreadful went through unlock regarded officious declare going through tolerant Customs ________ Officers are quite _______ these days, but they can still stop you when you are _____ _______ the Green Channel and have nothing to ______. When I returned from abroad recently, an ________ young Customs Officer clearly ________ me as a smuggler. He asked me to ______ the suitcase and ____ _______ the case with great care, making it in a ________ mess. Suddenly, I saw his face ____ __. He _______ a tiny bottle, which he thought was perfume, and he _______ on it with delight. Review : Review : precious hurry truth convinced unpleasant unscrewed believe made exempt should have declared He said sarcastically that I ______ _____ _______ the ‘perfume’, for it was not _______ from import duty. As the Officer didn’t ______ that it was hair gel _____ myself, he _________ the cap and put the bottle to his nostrils. The __________ smell _________ him that I was telling the ____. Finally, I was able to _____ away with _______ chalk marks on my baggage. Think about the questions below: If I were the young officer, when I spotted the bottle, I’d feel…, but finally I’d be… (disappointed/ unsatisfied/ satisfied/ embarrassed/ unhappy…) If I were the writer, at first I’d feel…, but later I'd think… (guilty/ confident/ embarrassed/ angry/ annoyed/ anxious/ impatient/ satisfied/ helpless…) 1. If you were the writer, how would you feel about this experience? Why?

2. If you were the young officer, what would you think of this experience? Why? Went through the Green Channel…nothing to declare…Unlock this suitcase?...Officer went through the case with great care…everything dreadful mess…never close it again…saw officer’s face light up… spotted a tiny bottle…bottom of case…pounced on it with delight…Perfume, eh?…should have declared it … not exempt from import duty…Not perfume…hair gel...added with a smile…strange mixture…made myself…Did not believe me…Try it!…unscrewed the cap…nostrils…
Unpleasant smell…telling the truth…hurry away with precious chalk marks on my baggage. Hints for retelling the story: with+abstract noun.= adv.: Preposition “with”: with care = carefully 认真地 with delight = delightedly 高兴地 with kindness = kindly 亲切地 with joy/anger = joyfully/angrily "having; carrying": 要洗这些衣服,我无法出去了。 China is a country with a long history. He left with a smile on his face. “with+noun.宾语+宾语补足语adj./prep./doing/done/to do” 状语,表示伴随、原因、时间、条件、方式等;其中的宾语补足语可以是名词、形容词、副词、现在分词、过去分词、不定式、介词短语等:: He was lying on the bed with all his clothes on. He fell asleep with the lamp burning. 他没熄灯就睡着了。 He sat there with his eyes closed. 他闭目坐在那儿。 I can’t go out with all these clothes to wash. to do watered open going rolling A few minutes later, I was able to hurry away with precious chalk marks on my baggage.
With the new season ______ (roll) in, everything seems to be falling in place for James at this point in his career.
I can’t do my homework with all this noise _____(go) on.
We lay in bed with the window _____ (open).
With the flower ________ (water), I could go outside.
With some work ______ (do) , I cannot play games. Exercise:: Suppose you’re Li Ping, and your mom’s name is Liu Xiaoling. Your family is traveling to USA with many gifts for your friends, such as moon cakes, toys, and decorations. At the U.S. Customs you are helping your mom fill in the Customs Declaration (on the left) with her personal information listed on the right. layers Book left electronics plastic Put small toiletries together in a clear _________ bag. business people Travel tips: How to get through airport security Put all the ___________________ in a travel vest. _______ flights between 10 am and 2 pm. Take the lines of travelers or _______________________. Go to the _________ for the shortest line. Pack things in __________. Get a registered traveler ID. 1. Summary writing;
2. Exercise on P57. Homework: Thank
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