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Theta Healing® Anahita


Nóra Gergely

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Theta Healing® Anahita

Theta Healing
My life is contiously accomplishing and myself as well.
Theta Healing® Anahita
Márta Szilasi
I use Theta
to live more conscious, to live a happy and joyful life and show others how to live so.
Theta is now part of my life &
the first healing technique I use.
The Beginning
I use ThetaHealing® on a daily basis to heal myself & others.
Helped me to understand my purpose of life, God, to release negative emotions.
Theta Healing® Anahita
Theta Healing® Anahita
Theta Healing®
Theta Healing® Anahita
It helped me to heal before my scheduled tonsil operation, at my new job, reduced my stress level, raised my confidence.
Cleared blocks from my childhood or even earlier, and got known my true self. .
It showed me my mission.
Thank you.
I ended my unhealthy relationship.
It helps me to clear
strong and deep
subconscious beliefs,
let my fears go &
get rid of my insistence
on having pain & suffer
in my life.
I have found my soulmate.
Anahita Jóga- és Szellemi Központ
Vision & Mission
Theta Healing® Anahita
To increase the awareness of Hungarians and to built a conscious, healthy and happy community.
ThetaHealing® thought me to act on behalf of myself.
I live in abundance with Theta.
I became conscious co-creator.

ovarian cyst.
cardiac puncture.
eating disorders.
Master in 2014
All Classes from 2015

Continuously developing myself by applying Theta.
Healing others, helping others to find the power in themselves, serving the Human kind to the highest consciousness
ThetaHealing® Center opened in 2014
ThetaHealing® community
We healed:
1000 ThetaHealer in Hungary till 2015
Classes from 2015:
Word relations
Temple of Sounds - Valse do Mar
2nd visitors day 09/06
26 Basic DNA
13 Advanced DNA
9 Manifesting and Abundance
3 Intuitive Anatomy
3 Game of Life
1 Diseases and disorders
1 Rhythm To A Perfect Weight
2 Soul Mate
1 DNA 3
Coming: Word Relations

All yoga teachers in Anahita are practicing Theta Healing®
Anahita Yoga & Healing Center
"My life is healing others, helping others to find the power in themselves."
59 Workshops
hundreds of healers
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