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Common Core Essential Elements

Professional Development

Katie Bradd

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Common Core Essential Elements

New curriculum for everyone, well everyone in the 45 states who have adopted it. The Common Core Common Core Essential Elements
(this is us!)
Special Education Assessment? ULS? What does this mean? -The Common Core Essential Elements are linked to the Common Core State Standards. These Essential Elements were developed by a group of general educators, special educators, and content specialists.

-The Essential Elements are not a redefinition of the standards, but intended to describe challenging expectations for students with significant cognitive disabilities.

-These Elements, like the state standards, are assigned to specific grade levels (K-8, high school is all together). Instructional Achievement Level Descriptors
(Levels I-IV) -These are the most useful. Most of our students will be in level I.

-For each target skill examples were developed to illustrate how students might demonstrate achievement of the performance standard.

-Reviewing these you will probably recognize many things that are already happening in your classroom.

-We are responsible for exposing our students to each Essential Element for every grade level we teach in our classroom. -We have developed a draft of an assessment. It will be specified to grade level and contain both Math and ELA Common Core Essential Elements. Hopefully this can be used to assess annually, monitor progress etc.

-ULS is aligned with the Common Core Essential Elements. If we are using ULS as a foundation for a curriculum we are teaching the Common Core.

-Many "Engineering the Classroom" tools hit the Essential Elements (i.e. story guide, activity review, comparison chart). What changes will we have to make?

What ideas do we have for implementation?

What information or additional resources will we need?
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