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Kyle Knutson

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Atmosphere

Atmosphere The Earth's atmosphere is a buffer that keeps us from being peppered by meteorites, a screen against deadly radiation The atmosphere lets us breathe the air we breathe It is composed of five layers These layers are called, the troposphere, statosphere, mesosphere, ionosphere and finally the exophere. It is also the reason radio waves can be bounced for long distances around the planet. The troposphere contains about 4/5 of the earths air, which is at about the height of 11 miles The stratosphere is about 30 miles up and has the ozone layer which deflects most of the harmful ultra-violet rays. The mesosphere is at the height of about 52 miles which is extremely cold at about -180 degrees Fahrenheit. Most meteroids burn up in the mesosphere This is why the earth isnt deformed with meteor craters like the moon The Ionosphere reflects radio waves back toward eath. The exosphere has satellites that orbits the earth which relays, phone calls, television pictures, and other things. Rain, snow, storms, and most clouds occur in the troposphere http://science.nationalgeographic.com/science/earth/earths-atmosphere
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