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No description

Mackenzie Wenzel

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of ASIMO

By: Mackenzie W, Amaya T, Kate J

How is ASIMO taught?
ASIMO is operated by a laptop and a portable computer controller to help him to know what tasks to perform. He has also been programmed so he knows what to do in hundreds of situations.
Impact of ASIMO
ASIMO has helped many people accomplish everyday tasks that they cannot do. Everyday we take these things for granted, using our body and mind to function normally. ASIMO has assisted people in wheelchairs or who are confined to their bed get things done that they have not been able to do without him.
What does ASIMO do?
What Human task or function does this robot simulate?
ASIMO stands for "Advanced Step in Innovative MObility."
He can do most things that humans can such as...
Walk Independently
Walk up and down stairs
Walk up and down sloped landscapes. (Up to 30 degrees)
Shake hands
Turn on light switches
Carry Trays
Conduct an Orchestra
Push carts
And More!!!
Is the robotic end effector multi-functional? If so, what other tasks can he perform?
ASIMO can do many various tasks. ASIMO is a tour guide in museums, an assistant to people in wheelchairs, etc. ASIMO's robotic end effector is multi-functional, meaning he can do many things with his hand such as carrying trays, pushing carts, shaking hands, and more!

What sensors does the robot have an how does the robot use these sensors?
ASIMO has cameras in his head and kinesthetic sensors in his wrist to mimic human movement. For example when ASIMO carry's a tray...
Detects movement of person through eyes (camera) and force through sensors in wrists
ASIMO works in synchronization with humans. To accurately carry or receive a tray.
Pros and Cons of ASIMO

He has 34 degrees of freedom!
ASIMO can walk as smoothly as a human!
Where is ASIMO used? How many degrees of freedom does ASIMO have?
A used to guide people in museums and perform in shows to show off his talents!
ASIMO has traveled around the country!
Follow ASIMO on twitter at
Predict and explain how this robot may be altered to perform more or different tasks in the future?
As advanced as ASIMO is he will still be able to do more. It will be altered by faster technology, improved sensors and will be overall lighter. With this technology more accessible for people to buy and use. In the future hopefully they will be accessible in....
Assisted living centers
Theme Parks
Concert Halls
ASIMO is a very helpful robot. He helps people who struggle with their daily life. For example, someone who is handicapped and can't walk.
He can guide people in a museum
He can mimic human movement
He can dance!
He can conduct and orchestra!
When he falls over, he can't get up.
Not aware of fast moving objects
Takes employment away for other people
ASIMO is very expensive to make
What type of jobs/careers can ASIMO create to provide employment for people?
ASIMO Demonstration
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ASIMO has created many jobs for...
People programming him
Yea right, you wish
"If ever u r dreaming of it, why would u say that for it when, and udid”
- The bootiful Miranda Sings

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