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Day Three: plot, character, and setting in Themes

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Alyssa Kennedy

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Day Three: plot, character, and setting in Themes

How Setting, Plot, and Characters affect the theme Theme Where and when a story takes place;
Effects the main idea, which thereby effects the theme
Example: The Hunger Games is set in the future, in a dystopic society. Without the main idea of a futuristic dystopia, the message of the story would greatly change. Let's discuss. How would this change? Setting How does plot relate to theme? Plot How do the characters in a text
relate to theme? Character Question: How does setting relate to the theme? The plot is the action. Everything that happens is plot.
There can't be a message without having things happen in a story.
Example: If Katniss wasn't sent into the hunger games, the story couldn't have the message or theme of freedom through perseverance. A character naturally progresses the plot through his or her conflicts and wants, which in turn affects the theme.
Example: The Hunger Games would change drastically if Katniss did not care so much about her sister, Prim. How would this change the plot, and thereby message? 8th Agenda for Today:
Read chapter 2 excerpt aloud
Theme, plot, character, and setting activity 7th Agenda for Today:
iPad helpers: pass out ipads
Log in to MBC and go to schoolwork
Work on "Outsiders Mini-research Webquest"
password: Outsiders
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