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Feminist Criticisms and Wuthering Heights

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Dina Marvulli

on 28 September 2011

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Transcript of Feminist Criticisms and Wuthering Heights

French Feminists Language-Focused What we learn in language ia a binary logic which oppses terms like:
Active/passive, mother/son, head/heart. Phallocentric Structure "it privileges the phallus and, more generally, masculinity by associating them with things and values more appreciated bt the (masculine-dominated) culture." "Semiotic" not "Symbolic" French Feminist, Julia Kristeva. British Feminists Feminist Criticism
Wuthering Heights
Essay by: Lynn Pykett Hobbies Kristeva also warned... "A Feminist language that refuses to participate in 'masculine' discourse, that places a future entirely in a feminine, smiutic discourse, risks being politically marginalized by men." Interests Personal (cc) photo by Jakob Montrasio Presentation by: Dina MArvulli Feminists American Feminists "Write your self. your body must be heard." "as women's jouissance is more multiple than men's unitary phallic pleasure, so 'feminine' language is more diffusive than its 'masculine counterpart." Until quite recently, Femenists were categorized by origin rather than by topic. French
British Especially during the 1970s and 1980s, feminist perspectives were somewhat different . "Rather than opposing and ranking elements of reality, rather than symbolizing one thing but not another in terms of a third, feminine language is rhythmic and inifying. [And] if from the male perspective it seems fluid to the point of being chaotic, that is a fault of the male perspective. Helene Cixous Luce Irigaray Both were criticized from other French Feminists due to retaining the binary categories which many were trying to escape Analyzed literary texts instead of philosophizing about the language. "Examined the portrayals of women characters, exposing the patriarchal ideology implicit in such works and showing how clearly this tradition of systematic masculine dominance is inscribed in our literary traditions." Gynocriticism To restudy well-known women authors Rediscover women's history and culture Discover neglected or forgotten women writers More Political rather than more historical Saw the American opposition of male stereotypes often led to counterstereotypes of women themselves and their feminine virtue Now, the lines of what type of feminist a person is is somewhat hazy. All women are female, BUT they are "something else" as well. "Changeing the Names" Pykett uses all three of the feminist categories explored. emphasis on womens's writing (French) View of Bronte as a woman novelist writing against societal and novelistic conventions (American) Lastly, the role of class in the construction of feminism (British)
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