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PNF Stretching

No description

Melissa Buntoum

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of PNF Stretching

PNF Stretching
Indications / Contraindication
loss of ROM
acute pain, chronic pain
muscle tightness
muscle cramps
lack of flexibility
originated by Herman Kabat
discovered around the 1940's.
M.D. Maggie Knott decided to join him.
Emphasized principles, rather than techniques.
The principles, philosophy, and procedures were developed and based on the principles of human anatomy, physiology, growth and development, etc...
2nd edition of a PNF book came out in the 1950's.
Current Trends
PNF Patterns:
concerned with gross movements opposed to specific muscle actions.
rotational and diagonal patterns.
3 component movements:
flexion - extension
abduction - adduction
internal - external rotation
What is PNF Stretching?
It stands for Proprioceptive Neuromuscular facilitation. It's a stretching technique that is commonly used to enhance active and passive range of motion.
post-operation athletes
inability of joint
athletes under 18
untrained/uninstructed athlete
already stretched muscles
Cautions of Use
There aren't many precautions
can be dangerous if it's not done properly
an injury can occur.
can put added stress on the target muscle group; which increases the risk of soft tissue injury.
important to include a conditioning phase before intense effort is used.
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