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Journey about Motion graphic

WIlson Tai

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Journey about Motion graphic

Wilson Tai
Three Dimensional Motion Graphich
My Works
Once Upon A Time
In Future
Compare & Contrast
The End
Before graphics met motion, everything were just still drawings. Ever since
Charles-Emile Reynaud

invented the world first motion graphics machine, the Praxinoscope, motion graphics then became very popular.
My lecturer once told me that the characteristic of a design work reflects the uniqueness of the designer, it is an invisible trademark of the designer.
Thank you for your precious time
A lot of people ask me, "Why did you picked up multimedia design in college as there are many other courses that has brighter future?"
I say
It is simply because I like to imagine.
Charles-Emile Reynaud
was a
Frenchman, In 1877, he developed the praxinoscope. The praxinoscope improved on the zoetrope by replacing its narrow viewing slits.

In year 1888, he created the Theatre Optique that projected the first animated film in public.
The world first animated motion graphic
Let's check it out
see the difference?
Erica Haowei Hu
Animator \ Designer
Mitch Myers
Motion Designer
My Dreamlapse
These two motion designers' work as one thing in common, which is visualizing their imagination.
Erica Hu is visualizing her imagination of the changing seasons. Beginning with spring, the richly hued illustrations in this work come alive
as they transform in color and rhythmic tempo
to reveal the full seasonal spectrum.
In the other hand, Mitch Myers is visualizing his dreamscape with combination of live footage and motion graphics.
So what makes them so unique?
Erica made her motion graphics mostly based on vector style. Element such as ink splash and hand drawn vector reflects her characteristic as an asian.
The combination of color tone she applied are well mixed that strongly brings out the feeling of harmony. Not being over contrast nor too dull with too much monotones.
Not just only vectors, but a lot of 3 Dimensional element were also used in her motion graphic. All the 3 Dimensional element were well textured in vector style to blend together with the overall mood.
In the other hand, Mitch Myers used a totally different style which combine live footage with 3 Demensional elements
Unlike Erica, he made a combination of infrared effect together with highly contrasted lomo tone in his motion graphics that reflect his characteristic as a westerner. At last he tune his motion graphic more towards monotone to balanced up the mood and style.
The 3 Dimensional element are also very different from Erica's motion graphic. The 3 Dimensional element he applied are more towards real objects with combination of 3 Dimensional shapes element
"So why should you have a style? For me, saying you need a style is just another way of saying you need a focus. There’s no way a single person can be great at everything."
- Sacha Greif, 2011
Sacha Greif mentioned in his blog that a designer should have his or her own style inorder to focus in the direction that we are moving towards. I strongly agreed about that.
I have never regretted choosing Multimedia Design as the path towards my future, especially in the field of motion graphics. I believed in my strength and imagination, I could become a successful motion artist no long from now.
This is the goal I wanted to achieved in the future
Of cause, this is not my final goal, but a force to help me improve and a path that leads me to a successful motion artist.
"Glory lies in the attempt to reach one's goal and not in reaching it."
- Mahatma Gandhi
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