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Donald Smith and CPR Syndicate SS10 2-4

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Jocelyn Nand

on 31 May 2016

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Transcript of Donald Smith and CPR Syndicate SS10 2-4

Who was Donald Smith?
Donald A. Smith was a HBC trader who saw value in the CPR
He is the cousin of CPR President George Brown, who was the first head of the CPR
He was an enthusiastic supporter of the CPR
He was important to financially back the CPR
CPR Syndicate
They found three investors, George Stephen, Donald Smith, James J. Hill
In 1880, John A. MacDonald gave an offer of 25 million in cash and 25 million acres to complete the CPR in 10 years
They completed the CPR 54 months (~4 years)
In 1873 John A. MacDonald resigned because of the Pacific Scandal
Alexander Mackenzie was elected but had no interest in building the CPR
John A. MacDonald was re-elected and continued building the CPR
In 1878-1880, they were looking for investors
Thank you!
Why was Donald Smith chosen to represent the Canadian Government to drive the last spike?
Donald Smith and CPR Syndicate
By:Darren, Jocelyn, Mehul, and Zennia
The Last Spike
Donald Smith drove the last spike on Nov.7 1885 at Eagle Pass, Craigellachie
The first hit was feeble and the iron spike was bent
The second spike was hit precisely
Donald Smith was chosen to drive the last spike because his cousin, CPR President George Stephen was in England at the time
Inquiry Question
The Last Spike on the CPR at Craigellachie, BC, at Eagle Pass
CPR Route
The Last Spike Monument
Donald Alexander Smith
Donald A. Smith
Hudson Bay Company
George Stephen
Bank of Montreal
James J. Hill
Railway Investor
The Other Last Spike
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