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What really makes a person beautiful?

Allison And Isis

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Beauty

You By Allison and Isis Beauty Every day in our lives, people talk about beauty. Someone might say it's a beautiful day outside. Commercials and billboards advertise products that are said to make you beautiful. Art can be considered beautiful, along with music, and even literature. You might point out someone who you think is beautiful. BUT WHAT MAKES A PERSON BEAUTIFUL? There are so many different things
that fit into our perspective of beauty. When asked this question, some people go with the easy answer, the more superficial one. IN OTHER WORDS,
"OUTER BEAUTY" This Includes... Shapeliness... So things like having abs Or being tall and slim Nice Hair Or not so nice Nice eyes Nice clothes A pretty face And the thing is... This "Outer Beauty" Eventually Fades. So, in reality, what really matters... Is what's on the inside. A truly beautiful person will have a beautiful personality. These are the ideas of beauty that are given to us through the media. They show us pictures of models, advertising different types of cosmetics and clothes that they say make you more "beautiful" What they don't show is the fact that these ideas of beauty are often distorted. They'll be kind to others They will be caring They won't bother
trying to be someone
who they're not. And be proud of who they are. They'll pursue their passions, no matter how hard it may be. They will accept you for who you are. And won't judge you based on who you're not. They'll respect your opinions,
even if they don't agree with
them personally. And put
others before themselves. They'll be compassionate
and generous They won't care if you think they're
"ugly", and will not change just to
meet your personal perspective of
what might be "normal." They're perfectly happy being unique. And they will always manage to find the beauty in others, no matter what. These are just a few traits that
make up a beautiful person. There are many more.
Some of which are... More or less intangible, and can't quite be described. A person with inner beauty like this would be the type of person anyone would want to be around. So... In the end... Anyone can be beautiful. Including...
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