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The Railway Children

-By LeBon James- #Chapter8&9withLanguageStyle

Mu'adz Luqman

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of The Railway Children

Chapter 8 , 9
Language style By : Le on James Chapter 8 : The boy in the red shirt They find the boy in the red shirt on the ground. He has a broken leg and cannot walk.
Bobbie stays with the boy while Peter and Phyllis go for help.
Bobbie learns that the boy's name is Jim.
Peter and Phyllis return with some men from a farm. They carry Jim to the children's house.
Mother sends for Doctor Forrest. She also sends a message to Jim's school and his grandfather.
The next morning, Jim's grandfather arrives. It turns out to be the children's friend, the old gentleman.
It is agreed that Jim will remain at the house and Mother will nurse him.
Before he leaves, the old gentleman tells Bobbie that he has received her letter. He is hopeful that he can help. Chapter 9 : The man at the station The writer uses simple and direct language to tell this story. Language And Style The children go to the railway line to watch a paper-chase. Some workmen are working at the line.
The boy acting as the 'hare' runs into the tunnel dropping pieces of paper for the rest of the boys to follow. The workmen say that he should not go into the tunnel.
The last 'hound' to go into the tunnel is a boy wearing a red shirt.
Peter and his sisters wait for the runners to come out at the other end of the tunnel. The hare and the hounds come out, but the boy in the red shirt does not appear.
The children are worried. they go into the tunnel to find the boy. Life at the house is different now. The children stop visiting the railway now that Jim is with them.
Mother also has time to teach the children their lessons.
One day, the children decide to go and wave at the 9.15 train again.
To their suprise, everyone on the train wave to them.
Bobbie has a feeling that something is going to happen. She feels restless and goes to the station to talks to Perks.
On the way, the people she meets smile and wave their newspaper at her. She is quite puzzled.
At thee station, Perks is holding a newspaper, looking pleased.
Just then, the 11.54 train arrives. One of the passengers who gets off the train is Bobbie's Father.
Bobbie screams with joy and hugs her father. He tells her that the real spy has been caught thanks to the old gentleman.
When they arrive at the house, Father waits in the garden while Bobbie goes inside to tell everyone the good news. Then she calls her father to come in. Direct Speech
"Wake up!' she said. 'We're in the new house, don't you remember?' (p.8)
'If we can't stop the train there will be a real accident and people will be people.' (p.29)
"Your mother is very kind. She has agreed to let Jim stay here.' (p.52) Simple description
These three lucky children had everything that they needed. Pretty clothes, a warm house, and lots of toys. (p.1)
There was a large kitchen with a stone floor, but there was no fire, and the room was cold. (p.6)
At the bottom of the hill there was a wooden fence. And it was the railway, with its shining lines, telegraph wires and posts and signals. (p.10) -The End- Literary Devices Some of the literary devices used to make the story more interesting and vivid are :
'It was like a great animal going by!' (p.10) 'It' is the train.
... it was like a terrible dream (p.40)
That scream went like a knife into the heart of everyone on the train (p.57) Personification
a train came screaming out of the tunnel (p.10)
The words seemed to jump at her (p.40)
'I wonder if the railway misses us,'... (p.53)
... the trees and the flowers all seemed to be waiting for something to happen. (p.55) B Contrast
'This place is much prettier than our house in London.' (p.8)
The tunnel was dark after the sunshine outside ... (p.46) Symbolism
The railway is a symbol of hope
The children pretend it can take their love to father (pp.15,53)
One of the train passengers, the old gentleman, becomes the children's best friend and helps to reunite the family (p.15)
The railway brings their father back to them in the end (p.57) Red is a symbol of danger
The children make flags from red petticoats to warn the train of danger (p.29)
The boy in the red shirt gets injured in the tunnel (p.47) 'Well, I won't know , I won't know.' (p.24)
She waved and waved the flag ... (p.31)
They waited and waited ... (p.45)
The noise got louder and louder (p.47)
'... but I have hopes, my dear - I have hopes.' (p.52)
Jim's leg got better and better ... (p.53) Repetition for emphasis
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