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Second Conditional Usage

how to define and use the second conditional in English

Wilson Paredes Jr.

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Second Conditional Usage

Teacher Will
second conditional definition
unreal possibility and dream
"We use second conditional to talk about situations or actions in the present or future which are not likely to happen or are imaginary, hypothetical or impossible."

second conditional form
the second conditional structure goes like this
"if / person / past simple action...............person / would(n't)-could(n't)" / normal action / complement
1 If we
in London today, we
would be able
to go to the concert in Hyde Park.
2 If I
millions dollars, I
'd give
a lot to charity.
3 If
there were
no hungry people in this world, it
would be
a much better place.
4 If everyone
clean water to drink,
there would be
a lot less disease.
5 If I
to China, I
'd visit
the Great Wall.
6 If I
the President, I
'd reduce
7 If you
in my position, you
'd understand
8 If I
were you
, I
'd look
for a new place to live.
9 If I
were you
, I
'd go
back to school and get more qualifications.
Complete the following sentences with the words in brackets
Make the second conditional
1) If I______(be) you, I________(get) a new job.
2) If he_____(be) younger, he_____(travel) more.
3) If we____(not/be) friends, I____(be) angry with you.
4) If I____(have) enough money, I___(buy) a big house.
5) If she___(not/be) always so late, she___(be) promoted.
6) If we___(win) the lottery, we____(travel) the world.
7) If you_____(have) a better job, we____(be) able to buy a new car.
8) If I____(speak) perfect English, I____(have) a good job.
9) If we_____(live) in Mexico, I____(speak) Spanish.
10) If she_____(pass) the exam, she____(be) able to enter university.
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