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BBYO DC Council

No description

Rachael Pazornick

on 23 January 2018

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Transcript of BBYO DC Council

“More Jewish Teens,
More Meaningful Jewish Experiences”

-BBYO offers safe and welcoming opportunities for learning and growth to all Jewish teens.

-As a pluralistic organization, BBYO encourages Jewish teens to find meaning in Judaism and to develop their own Jewish identities.

-BBYO’s international leadership model, AZA and BBG, prides itself on fun and meaningful teen-led programming, its responsibility to the global Jewish community, an unwavering commitment to the State of Israel, and its dedication to Tikkun Olam – repairing the world.

-Teen-led, staff-run organization.
BBYO Breakdown
Chapter Level: 20-100 members

Regional Level: 3,000+ teens

International Level: 36,000+ teens

DC Council
-Located throughout Montgomery County, Howard County and Washington DC

-19 chapters (10 BBG, 8 AZA, 1 BBYO)

-6 staff members

- 2,400+ teens involved in 2016-2017

A week in the life of a
DC Council BBYO member
We offer a "menu" of options!

-Monday: Chapter meetings

-Saturday Night: Chapter programs

-Sunday: AZAA Football/Basketball

Philanthropy and
Israel Advocacy
Some of our chapter causes...

-Einstein AZA StandsUp for Autism Awareness

-Ko'ach BBG StandsUp for Sexual Assault Awareness

-Max Cowan AZA StandsUp against Hunger and Homelessness

Movement Wide Campaigns

- Fall Fest: November 4th

-AZA/BBG Global Shabbat: December 8th and 9th

-J-Serve/Good Deeds Day: April 15th

-And more! Student to Student, ENOUGH, Bottles of Smiles, Dining in the Dark

BBYO DC Council Office-
(e) dcc@bbyo.org (p) 301-984-6073
(w) bbyo.org/region/dc

Jennie Neuman- Associate Regional Director, DC Council
(e) jneuman@bbyo.org

Megan Bernard- Associate Regional Director, DC Council and Howard County:
(e) mbernard@bbyo.org

Rachael Pazornick- Senior Regional Director, DC Council
(e) rpazornick@bbyo.org

Limor Hartman- Director of Inclusion:
(e) lhartman@bbyo.org

Staff Contact Information
-Work with teens on the ground level to help plan high-quality programs, get involved with the community, and help teens reach their full potential.

-Serve as positive Jewish role models.

-Allow the teens to make some mistakes while helping them to learn and grow.

-Volunteer based position, advisors do not get paid for the tremendous commitment of time and effort they put into the work with our teens.

Intake Night 101
The #1 way for 8th-12th grade teens to learn about all DC chapters in a short 90-minute night!
Please sign in at SIGNIN.BBYO.ORG
Parent Engagement
BBYO 101
Leadership Opportunities
Chapter Programming
Q & A
Membership through high school graduation is only $149. For a one-time payment, you can enjoy BBYO benefits that last a lifetime.
*Event scholarships available
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