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Speaker’s Ethos

Speaker’s Ethos

arlene martin

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Speaker’s Ethos

Ethos 3 FACTORS OF PERSUASION Logos Pathos Logical Argument Emotional Connection “If the audience trusts you, then they expect that what you are telling them is true.” Speaker’s credibility
Receiver’s impression of the message source (McCroskey)
“If you are similar to your audience, then your audience will be more receptive to your ideas in the same way that you are more likely to open a door at night if you recognize the voice of the person on the other side.” “Expertise is what you knowabout your topic.
Reputation is what your audience knows about what you know about your topic.”
Trustworthiness Similarity Authority Reputation Nature Varying from individual to individual, from group to group
Changing through time
Being personal and situational Being composite
Dynamics Extrinsic or initial ethos The audience or listeners have previous knowledge of the speaker’s good character, competence, intelligence and trustworthiness Intrinsic or transactional ethos The speaker’s words and actions are continually being assessed by his listeners; this credibility may heighten or diminish the speaker’s initial ethos.
Terminal ethos The listener perceives and assesses the speaker upon completion of the communication event; the point of reckoning for the listener as to the worthwhileness of the event.
Expertise Appearance Character of the speaker
Image held of a communicator at a given time by the receiver Philippines in the speaker's cha speaker's character ethical consideration Appearance Expertise
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