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Food Inc.

No description

Maria Medina

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Food Inc.

Food Inc. Documentary

AP Language and Composition
Thursday, April 10th, 2014
7th Period

BY: Maria Madina
Joseph Patterson
Ibrahim Asgarali
Argument of the Film:
The companies processes and lack of inspections are making the foods Americans eat unhealthy and unsafe.

Rhetorical Devices
This video uses the dim light to create suspicion and a feeling of mystery. This also protects the speaker's identity.
Documentary background info:
Food Inc is a Documentary based on the way Multinational cooperation.
Produced in 2008
Directed by Emmy award winning Robert Keener
Released on June 12, 2009
Filmmaker's Purpose:
To expose the multi-national food corporations and the inefficiencies of processing healthy food.

Living conditions of livestock
Background introduction of companies
Scientist testimonies(corn manipulation)
Company contracts (restricted leek of information)

Arrest of workers
Kevin's Law
Cruel slaughtering of animals
Farmer's restricted opinions (Black Screen Interview)
Uncomfortable atmosphere that farmers have to live with. (Worrying about the corporations and being constantly checked on)
Seed cleaner having a complete background check (checks, bank accounts, clients, personal)

Food Inc.
Our Video Clip
The film is valid because they use real examples and facts. They prove their point by using videos and secret cameras. The use of farmers and scientists adds to the credibility of the film.
Open Minded


Cinematic Techniques:
-Farmer Testimony: dim lighting, altered voice, hidden face, eerie background music
-Hidden Camera v. Professional Camera: real life footage v. staged footage (build credibility for film makers)
-Night Film (action): sense of danger and mystery
-Aerial views: helped show mass production of crops.
-Slaughter houses: (inside) disgust and horror (outside) curiosity
-Factories: (outside) pollution (inside) crowded

Introduce the problem, give the facts, show video clips of the event(s), show testimony/interviews of people related to such event(s), critic.

Corporations suing seed cleaners and other farmers because they are a threat or won’t conform to their (company’s) ways.

FDA inspections before & after new CEO’s
Labels (where products come from, calories, ingredients)
Statistics of what is made out of corn and how corn is not the food livestock should be eating.
Graphs of rises and declines (look into)
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