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Grad School Presentation

No description

Melissa Simpson

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of Grad School Presentation

My Classroom Engaging Students
With Technology Melissa Simpson Student Motivation
Learning Additional Resources Google Drive
Padlet ~Student Survey
~Teacher Observations
~Student Interviews Student Engagement Results Bottom Line Procedure "Students are engaged when they are attracted to their work, persist despite challenges and obstacles, and take visible delight in accomplishing their work."
(Schlecty, 1994) Melissa.Simpson@k12.sd.us About Miss Simpson: 4th Grade at Lowell MST in Sioux Falls
Experience: -First Grade (1 year)
-Fifth Grade (2 years)
-Fourth Grade (1 year) About Melissa Hobbies: running, traveling, reading, camping, or anything outdoors!
Family: ~Math, Science, and Technology Title I School
~24 students
~82% free and reduced lunch
~One-to-One Class of Google Chromebooks Google Chromebooks Key Words Today's students represent the first students that have spent their ENTIRE LIVES surrounded by technology. Design Conducted in two phases during the math problem of the day (POD) Phase I Phase II Digital Immigrant- Those who were not born into a world filled with technology.

Digital Natives- Those who were born during or after the general introduction of digital technology. Google Chromebooks ~2 weeks of students sharing their strategies at the whiteboard

~Used just right numbers

~One student from each just right number group shared their strategy ~2 weeks of students sharing their strategies on the blog

~Used just right numbers and blog partners

~Students read, evaluated, and commented on their partners blog. How does the use of technology impact
student engagement in mathematics? Research Question: Just Right Numbers There were ___ skittles in the
candy machine.____ were added
to the machine.
How many are there now? (3,480... 1,320) (5,578... 4,367) (9,861...7,624) Blogs Sylis has ___ boxes of crayons. There are ____ crayons in each box. He also has 4 extra crayons. How many crayons does he have in all? http://tinyurl.com/c53axn2 http://tinyurl.com/ce7c67t (3, 10) (6, 8) (11, 10) http://tinyurl.com/dyor4ku Pre-Survey Post-Survey Student Surveys Teacher Observations Student Interviews Pre-Survey Post-Survey Post-Survey Post-Survey Pre-Survey Post-Survey Post-Survey Pre-Survey Post-Survey Phase 1 Phase II Questions References Portfolio Entry Portfolio Evidence http://tinyurl.com/cn4b8ps http://tinyurl.com/bwqemv5 http://tinyurl.com/c7yk27u http://misssimpsonsclass.shutterfly.com/ Internet and Google based http://padlet.com/wall/misssimpson402
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