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Ireland Project

Chapter 5: The English come to Ireland

claudia cubarsi

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of Ireland Project

Chapter 5: the English come to Ireland In 1152, Dermont MacMurrough, (an Irish King), attacked Tiernan O'Rourke, (an other Irish King), and took his wife. In 1166 Rory O'Connor, (King of all Ireland), helped Tiernan O'Rourke and both attacked Dermot MacMurrough who escaped to England. In 1169 Dermont MacMurrough asked Henry the Second, (King of England), to help him to fight Rory O'Connor and Tiernan O'Rourke. The men of Henry didn't return home after the battle and they took more and more land fro themselves and Henry the Second himself King of Ireland. In the next 400 years Irish Kings tried to rule Ireland to Dublin. But the Irish didn't listen to th King of England. In 1136 the English Church changed from Catholic to Protestant but Ireland remained Catholic. For the Protestant English, the King was one of the most important man in the Church. In 1168 a Catholic King called James the Second ruled England and Scotland. In 1688 Duch Protestant called William of Orange came to England and married James daughter and wanted to be King of England, Scotland and Ireland. For the Catholic Irish the most important man was the Pope. "The Plantation of Ulster" consisted on taking more land from the Catholics Irish and giving them to Protentant Englishmen and Scotmen. The Catholic Irish were very angry and wanted their land back, that's why they attackted the Protestants in Ulster in 1641. In 1649 Oliver Cromwell, (the leader of English), took an army to Ireland and killed thousands of Catholics in a town called Drogheda. The people who wanted James to be King fought againts those who wantes William of Orange to be King. Most of James's friends were Catholic in Ireland. They tried to get their land back again, and they got most of it, except Londonderry. Protestants ran inside the city walls and closed the gates. They remainend inside for 105 days and 15.000 people died ("Siege of Derry") At last, three Protestant ship came to Londonderry with food and soldiers, and the siege was over. William of Orange became the new Protestant English King. The Catholic Irish didn't fight a big battle again for 100 years, having a very hard life in Ireland. All the Important people in Ireland were Protestants. Catholic couldn't speak or vote in Parliament. History in Ireland is alive today. Every year, Protestants in Londonderry march to remember 1688. Every year, Catholics are angry about these marches. THE END
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