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Mrs. Frola and Mr. Ponza, her Son-in-Law

No description

Nnenya Hailey

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of Mrs. Frola and Mr. Ponza, her Son-in-Law

Everyone may really go mad because they can’t decide which of the two is the crazy one… that Mrs. Frola or that Mr. Ponza, her son-in-law. Things like this only happen in Valdana,
an unlucky town that attracts every
kind of eccentric outsider! she is crazy or he is crazy; there's no middle ground: one of the two must be crazy because… Because what's involved is nothing less than this, but its better if I start explaining things in their proper order. Mr. Ponza arrived in Valdana three months ago as a secretary in the governor’s office. He took lodging in the new apartment house at the edge of the town, the one called "the Honeycomb." And hanging from the windows of the house were little baskets ready to be lowered on ropes as needed. At the same time however, to everyone’s amazement, Mr. Ponza rented another apartment for his mother-in-law, Mrs. Frola. Now please! Isn't it quite strange that a daughter, upon getting married, moves out of her mother's house to live with her husband in another town, and the mother follows them to live next door? Naturally, that’s what everyone in Valdana thought at first. So their opinion of Mr. Ponza was worse then the opinion they had developed about Mrs. Frola. But the fact that Mr. Ponza couldn’t get ride of his mother-in-law wasn’t the problem, Mr. Ponza had an awful attitude, and his looks didn’t help. Mr. Ponza was thickset, neckless, dark as an African, with thick coarse hair hanging over his low forehead, dense, bristly eyebrows, a big shiny mustache, and eyes that would glare anyone down. He was also a very jealous man who never let his wife leave the house, and also never let Mr. Frola, his mother-in-law, see her daughter. Therefore everyday when Mr. Ponza left for work, Mrs. Frola would go to her daughters house, and her daughter would lower down her events of the day that she would be doing around the house. but why are people questioning their sanity? BECAUSE THEY HAVE A SECRET!! Mr. Ponza has a “dutiful declaration” he would like to share with Valdana. Which is simply this: that Mrs. Frola, poor woman, doesn’t look it, but she's crazy. She's been crazy for four years, and her madness takes this very form: her belief that Mr. Ponza refuses to allow her to see her daughter. But what daughter? She's dead, her daughter died four years ago and it was precisely from her grief at the death that Mrs. Frola went mad. Mr. Ponza, has for four years, at the cost of many serious sacrifices, has maintained two households, one for him and one for her his mother-in-law; and he makes his second wife humor her delusion as well, Mrs. Frola think Mr. Ponza’s second wife is her daughter. And after this declination, Mr. Ponza gets up, takes a bow and goes home to his lovely wife. And with all that said and done Mrs. Frola gets up with the greatest simplicity and naturalness declares in her turn that it is indeed Mr. Ponza who is mad! Mr. Ponza, poor man, in this matter alone is no longer…no longer in his right mind! His belief that his wife died four years ago and his going around saying that the crazy one is she, Mrs. Frola, who believes her daughter is still alive, the crazy one is he. The poor man believes that his wife died four years ago and the one he is with now is his second wife. To tell the truth, his excessive love, this man at first ran the risk of killing his poor wife. To protect her she was moved to a nursing home without him knowing. Well the poor man who's mind had already been weakened by her love went mad from this and believed his wife had died. This idea became so fixed in his mind, that when his wife returned a year later, he thought she was a different woman, and at the aid of everybody, relatives, and friends, it was necessary to stimulate a second wedding which fully restored the balance if his mental facilities. But no one in Valdana has ever seen the daughter, they always see Mrs. Frola and Mr. Ponza her son-in-law. Mrs. Frola will come into the house, her and Mr. Ponza will go shopping, and if she becomes tired, he will lend her his arm. She often goes to see her son-in-law at the governor’s office, and very often he will go visit her in her home. To say which one is the crazy one, one will go mad trying to decide, is it an illusion, or a reality? because you never know which one to trust when it comes to that, Mrs. Frola and Mr. Ponza
Her son-in-law
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