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What is branding?

An introduction to brand

Agnes Jumah

on 12 February 2012

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Transcript of What is branding?

What is a brand? Not just a logo! A set of emotional values rooted in rational product features The personality of a product, how the organisation
interacts with its users/customers The space you occupy
in people’s minds Pointers for strong brands An organisation needs to behave in a way consistent to the brand values For brands to be credible: an external expression of the organisation’s internal culture Every time staff interact with others
outside we either build on our brand
values or work against them. What's the point of branding? Creates a point of difference Is a psychological shortcut for
customers and stakeholders Positions your service or product
offering Should put your organisation’s
vision and mission in people’s mind How does this relate to us? Our vision: a modern enterprising third sector Our mission: to support, develop, connect and
represent our members – leaders and senior managers
of third sector organisations – enabling them to perform
more effectively in their roles for the benefit of their
organisation and the wider third sector Helps gain trust & elevates the buying
decision – Coca-Cola vs own label Cola, ACEVO vs NCVO Can act as a halo – unifying different products
and services e.g. BBC Can create a bridge to different areas – e.g. Virgin How can we convey these values? Passionate – “They are passionate about good third sector leadership” Collaborative - “They work with the right people, regardless of sector, for the good of third sector leaders” Representative - “They represent me and the majority of other sector leaders” Innovative – “They are always creating new and useful services and resources to support me as a third sector leader” Supportive –“I know I can go to them when I need support in my role as a third sector leader” Professional - “When dealing with them I know that they will always be professional” By ensuring that all our interactions reflect the above brand values so that everyone that comes into contact with the ACEVO brand knows what we stand for. Our brand values and what we want people to say about us:
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