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Cell analogy: Plant Cells & Castle

No description

Julia han

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Cell analogy: Plant Cells & Castle

Cell analogy: Plant Cells & Castle
Cell membrane-The draw bridge and the moat
By: Julia Han, Ray Chang, Robin Liu
Cytoplasm- air
Mitochondria - Kitchen
Cell membrane
Castle wall
Nuclear membrane
King's bedroom
Endoplasmic reticulum
Stables/ horses
Storage room
Cell membrane is the protective layer surrounding every cell.
It protects the cell, like the castle wall.
Metaphor Breakdown
Metaphor Breakdown
A cell is NOT like a castle because the castle walls in the castle are not made up of organic materials. The castle walls are made up of rocks and the cell walls are made up of organic materials. They each protect different kinds of things as well.
A cell is NOT like a castle because the passageways in the castle does not let things that pass in ER pass. So passageways in the castle lets humans, soldiers, kings, and things move. The ER lets proteins and other things inside the cell move around.
Ribosomes- Masons
Nucleus- King
Nuclear membrane- King's bedroom
Endoplasmic reticulum- Passageways
Golgi body- Stables/ horses
Vacuole- Storage room
Lysosome- Cesspit
Chloroplast- Gardens
Cell wall- Castle wall
Golgi body
Cell wall
Castle wall
Castle walls protect the castle from enemies.
It protects the castle, just like the cell membrane
Cytoplasm are the gelatin-like substance that flows inside the cell.
It enables things to move inside the cell
The air is a substance floating in the castle, or anywhere in Earth. It enables us to breathe and move around.
The mitochondria in a cell releases energy in food.
It provides the energy we need from our food
This is where the food is made and processed. Later it will be served and released into their mouth!
Ribosomes produce their own proteins.
It is compared with Masons because they both build blocks of things.
The Masons are people who build things.
So like the ribosomes, they both build things.
A nucleus in a cell directs and handles all cell activities.
So it is compared with the king because they both take control.
A king is the main person in a castle. He has the highest power, and controls his kingdom, just like the nuclues.
The nuclear membrane surrounds the nucleus,
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