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SOS Orientation

New employee orientation presentation

Matthew P

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of SOS Orientation

Who's Who
Mackenzie M.
Connie B.
Joyce Z.
Matthew P.
Payroll Processing
SOS: (573) 882-7701

"At SOS Our Top Priority is Your Success"


Working As A Temp
As soon as we have assignments for your skills/interests

University of Missouri - Columbia

Phone call
Email confirmation
Turner Avenue Garage
Level 2
Bring your signed parking permit application
after being placed on assignment
All employees pay to park
Payroll deduction: $10.50 bi-weekly
Pay as you go: $4.00/day
Students are not eligible for SOS hangtags
Tiger Identification Cards
Being a Successful Temp
Never divulge confidential information
Be professional
Be on time
Be informed
E-Mail Procedures
Please follow ALL University policies regarding usage
Used for University business only
Keep your personal email account
No personal profit
No hacking
Transfers and Resignations
All Information is Available at:
Conducted after each assignment
Used as references
We will send you a copy via email
PeopleSoft Human Resources 9.1 (UM System)
PeopleSoft Fiscal 9.0 (UM System)
MyLearn (Microsoft Office Suite, etc.)
FERPA training (Contact SOS)
Notify SOS

Two week notice is required to leave in good standing
MU Student Center
Rollins and Hitt Street

Monday - Friday
8:00 - 5:00
8:00 - 4:00 (summer)
Paid biweekly on Wednesdays
If working on a holiday, no premium pay
Campus closures = no pay (if not situationally critical)
Electronic pay advice
W-2 consent form
Three business days after New Employee Regisration (NER)
Present picture I.D.
No cost to employee
$20 replacement for lost or stolen cards
Ask questions
Ask for new tasks
Ask about policies/procedures
On the first day of your assignment,
call or email SOS to provide your work number
Absent or tardy? Must notify SOS and your assignment
It is okay to bring a personal item or two
Contact SOS for processing T&E reimbursements
Do not reapply to SOS job postings
Keep resume/application current
Office Attire
Required (Found in myHR):
Harassment: What It Is and How to Stop It
Mandated Reporter
Preventing Employee Discrimination
SANS Securing the Human
Please remember!
How to submit hours
Midnight deadline, last day of pay period
No exceptions made after Monday
Please note on your folders:

Timesheet deadline - second Saturday of each pay period, at midnight

SOS is your home department - notify us of important changes!

2 week notice is required if you are placed on an assignment,
even if you are transferring to the department you are working in.
Monday - Friday
7:30am - 5:00pm
Cell phones should be on silent/vibrate, no texting/personal calls
MU is a 100% smoke free campus
-no designated smoking areas, must be off property
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