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Selin er


Selin Er

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Selin er

by selin er cyberbullying Cyber bullying Cyber bullying is when someone is mean to you.
Cyber bullying is when someone hurts you so if the bully hit you and told you not to tell any one i will haunt you for the rest of your life. cyber bullying is when someone abuses you and you will be so scared that you will want to leave the state so dont hide if you are being bullyed don't be scared. This can all happen when you are on the computer. How can you stop cyber bullying You can stop cyber bullying by
telling a teacher or a family member
but if you are to scared to tell anyone then how will your teacher or family member they going to protect you. if you don't tell your family member then tell the police because they have the right to talk to the family member and tell the bully to stop bullying. how can i stand up to someone on online you can stand up to some by telling them to go away or i will get my mum or dad, and you can tell the bully that you will copy the email that the bully sent and give the email to the poilce.
what is unsafe online behavior Online behavior is when some one goes on inappropriate stuff. if you have Facebook,twitter,msn and there is a bully and bullying you then you can block them and all the other bully's. how can we stay safe on the internet
we can stay safe on the internet by not going on stuff that bully's can be able to bully kids. we can stay safe on internet by not going to the internet and playing outside or going to the park or inviting a friend over to play.
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