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No description

Jazzie Ang

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Export



Profit iRun Canada Sport Runner Revolution (SRR) Market Selection Chairperson Chief Executive Officer Commercial Director Chief Financial Officer Chief Information Officer HR Director Sales & Marketing Director R &D Director Logisctics Director Chief Operating Officer Economy
- Continues to
expand Social
- Young
- Very rapidly growing
country Country Screening Politic
- Outstanding quality of life
- Progressive
- Stable Environment in
Canada Reason for iRun to Sell in Canada:

1. High quality
- Canadian very concern about the quality

2. Lower price
- Lower compare to other brand

3. Health
- Running during weekend or after work
Product Decision Small market, but less formidable. Why Canada? Social, pay attention to health. Stable politic, reduce the risks. Low entry cost based upon macroeconomic factors. - Correct market entry mode is critical to
the long-term succeed of our company.

Entry mode we choose:
Direct exporting Export Entry Mode Market condition and customer behavior Pricing Decision General company policy Cost Competition Legal and political issue Promotion decision
- Encourage people to exercise and have a healthy
- Promote through online such as YOUTUBE and
FACEBOOK Communication barrier
- English will be used as it is language used in both
host and home country. Promotion and
Marketing Communication It affects the final profit of our company.

A proper selection of entry mode can reduce the fluctuation in the production.

A channel can be slow and expensive to set up.

It affects the other factors in the market mix.

Poor relations between producers and channel members may reduce the effectiveness of the system. Important of the Entry Decision:
Market Entry Strategy Technique of Promotion a. Personal Selling - Promote product to customers
by face to face. b. Sales Promotion - Use of poster. Export Budget Unit sold =
Quantity of load in one container x Number of container x 2
= (81 x 100) x 5 x 2
= 81,000 units

Price per unit = RM 59.90 each

Sales = Unit Sold x Price per Unit
= 81,000 units x RM 59.90
= RM 4,851,900.00 Sales Details RM
Shipping fees 125,250
Cargo insurance 80,250
Palletizing 15,000
Destination Charges 30,000
Promotional Material 100,000
Communication cost 10,000
Documentary Cost 15,000
Staff Cost 1,682,000
Tax 25,648
Miscellaneous 80,000
Total Expenses 2,037,898 Expenses
Income Statement Balance Sheet Statement Cash Flow Statement Open
Account Export Financing
Method Tan Chee Hwee Ang Bee Kee Ng Tze Khuan Ooi Peng Shen Lim Hock Choong Khneoh Chee Yang Ng Ming Jie Khoo Kah Wei Chew Chin Aun Chang Weng Hong Proactive Exporter Contractible
Method Market
Concentration Foreign Based Agent Control of
pricing Customer may
prefer dealing
directly with
the producer Able to
identify new
opportunities Enhance the
relationship Direct
of customer
needs Control of
brand Why
Direct Exporting Income Statement

Balance Sheet

Cash Flow Statement Export Financing Details RM

Sales 4,851,900

(-) Expenses (2,037,898)
Profit 2,814,002 Profit
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