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Marketing Tactical Plan

Linda Ling Photography by Linda Baehring

Linda Baehring

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Tactical Plan

Integrated Tactical Marketing Plan Linda Ling Photography Linda Ling Photography is an LLC started by Linda Baehring. She is the sole owner and employee. Linda Ling photography services include wedding & destination wedding photography, indoor/outdoor portraits, on-location sessions and event photography.

Started in 2009, Linda Ling Photography is based out of Muskego, WI where Linda works at her in-home studio. She is mainly focusing on wedding photography which gives the most revenue and portrait photography which can be performed year round. Because there is such a high volume of self employed photographers, Linda Ling Photography will focus on the customer service and building relationships with clients so that she is not only acquiring new customers but retaining them as well. Marketing Objectives Book at least 25 sessions each year
Book 10 weddings one year in advance each year
To obtain and retain a database of repeat customers of at least 50 members
Book at least 5 new customers a year The Photography Industry The market for photographers is currently saturated with not only the vast amount of photographers and self-employed photographers, but now with the improvement of technology and the affordability of DSLR cameras. Consumers are satisfying their need for professional photographs with higher quality cameras, but the industry is still growing. Employment in the field is increasing at an average rate (about 9 to 17 percent between 2004 and 2010)* Over half of these 129,000 photographers were self-employed according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Photography is a competitive market because it is also an attractive line of work. But as the technology improves with digital photography consumer demands will also change leaving the industry open to growth. Target Markets I will be targeting three market segments which can then be broken down even further into specific niche demographic and target markets.

1. Newly engaged couples
a.Newly engaged couples are a great segment to market to because if I am able to produce quality engagement photographs, the probability of them hiring me on for their wedding photographer is very high.

2. Families
a.Families can be segmented with family portraits, usually more popular with families with younger children and also senior portraits.

3. First time parents
a.The trend of maternity portraits is gaining popularity as first time mothers want to savor every milestone of their firstborn. First time parents are a great segment for photography because once I am hired on for their newborn photos, you are more apt to be hired every 3 months for the next year. First time parents are the most “photo-happy” and want to capture every step of their newborn. Positioning Statement Linda Ling Photography is your friend, neighbor, or colleague that you can entrust to capture those vivid moments that are so easily forgotten. Feel confident that your photographer is someone that you know or was referred by, and let Linda Baehring not only capture photographs but your lifestyle. CAMPAIGNS b. Specific Campaign Market
Families, females

c. Specific Campaign Segment
Young couples expecting, females between the ages of 25-55. Specifically targeting ages that would have friends or relatives that have babies or are expecting.

d. Specific Campaign Target
Both current customers and new customers

e. Specific Positioning Statement
A trustworthy and dependable photographer to capture the unforgettable moments of babies and newborns. Specific
Advertise and promote photography skills of photographying babies and young children, primarily newborns and children under 2 years.

I will reach my budget goals with booking 10 sessions each year and being able to re-book at least 5 customers.

From the current demand of newborn photography and the number of friends that are expecting, this goal is achievable. Satisfied customers will most likely be repeat customers. Most families want photos of their newborn babies every three months, as well as for birth annoucnements and Holiday cards.

Book 10 sessions a year, about once a month. "Babies" Marketing Tactics Email Phone number 3-6-9 Promotion E-blast Inquiry form Facebook Social Media Advertising SMART Objectives BABIES Referral Cards SENIOR PORTRAITS Video STIMULATE ENGAGE CLOSE Twitter Landing Page Website An e-blast will be sent to current customers regarding the 369 Package. This promotion package will allow consumers to have the option of upgrading their baby sessions to include 3 sessions. These are typical three, six and nine month photos that most parents want to capture of their babies. The e-blast will target mothers, parents, and those who might want to purchase the package as a gift. Customers that have already booked a session before or have sent me an e-mail showing interest in my service will be more likely to upgrade and purchase this package.

The e-blast will consist of a promotion code that can be tracked by how customers heard about this package. The e-blast will also contain keywords such as baby portraits and baby photography. The e-blast will include a telephone number, e-mail and a specific URL that leads to a dedicated landing page about the 3-6-9 promotion details. On the landing page, customers can once again call or e-mail directly, or fill out an inquiry form that will be sending directly to my e-mail account. This promotion will also be promoted on Facebook and Twitter, where consumers there can reply back interest or email, call, and visit the dedicated landing page. The 3-6-9 package will promotes customer retention by giving them an option to book in advance future sessions. This secures the revenue and schedule of Linda Ling Photography ahead of time.

As you click through the next couple frames of this presention, this Prezi will lead you through one example of intergreation a consumer might follow when they recieve the promotion e-blast. A social media ad consists of a posting on Linda Ling Photography’s social media page. It ranges from tweeting promotions and deals to current events with the photography studio to status updates on Facebook. These postings can be tracked by the number of click thrus that occur during the duration of that particular update. Facebook and Twitter are able to track the amount clicks in a given periods of times. Members/followers will be able to click thru the postings via a URL that leads them to specific landing pages. In the case of the Babies Campaign, the landing page would be the babies section with the 3-6-9 package details. It is important to state that when using social media as a tactice it is crucial to maintain interaction and value to the postings. The users must find relevance of the business in order for Linda Ling Photography to gain success via social media. So using promotions, sales and deals are crucial to maintain this tactic.

Other types of social media advertising also includes purchasing pay per click Facebook ads. Facebook ads are able to pull out key words from user profiles that fit the topic of the advertisement. The Babies Campaign will target profiles that include children in their profile, along with a variety of children TV shows users can put down as their favorite shows to watch, such as Super Nanny, and daytime television shows that would index high for mothers. These Facebook ads would lead directly to the landing page of baby portraits with details of the 3-6-9 Package. These social media ads will increase customer aquisition by targeting the million of users on the social network. Referral cards will be distributed to current customers that have already booked a session. As a customer retention and customer aquisition strategy the referral cards will not only benefit the current user but the referred user as well.
Referral cards will have a form on the back where they fill out their personal information. Name, address, telephone and e-mail address. The cards will also have the telephone, e-mail and URL on it for direct contact from the consumer. The card is used to hand off to a friend that may be looking for a photographer. The card is a coupon that gives the new customers a 10% discount as well as the person who referred them on a future booking. When the referred customers brings in the card they will be asked to fill out a form with their personal information along with some questions to answer about what type of photographs they may be interested in for booking. Having this information will allow Linda Ling Photography to contact these customers on their specific needs and will have a higher chance for booking a session. The video marketing tactic is a way to bring in new customers. First time parents are especially hesitant on their first photo sessions for their newborns. Gaining trust from parents is a difficult task. Having a video of a typical session with a baby will provide ease and comfort when consumers book with Linda Ling Photography. Being able to visually see the process will help the potential customers feel confident when booking with Linda Ling Photography. The video will also have a viral effect because who doesn't like to look at cute babies? These videos will be posted on YouTube with the permission of the parents, parents then will have the option to post and share the video on any of their social media accounts or email. The videos will be linked directly to the baby section of the webpage, where viewers can find more information on Linda Ling Photography. The website and the landing pages will not be in Flash format as most photography websites are for the purpose of being searchable. All photographs will be tagged using alt tags and will have descriptive keywords specific to the type of photography it is. In this case, keywords would include examples such as "baby portraits". You Tube b. Specific Campaign Market
High School students

c. Specific Campaign Segment
High School students graduation in the next year, specifically bewteen the ages 16-18 and parents with kids that are in High school

d. Specific Campaign Target
High Schooler Seniors looking to have their senior portraits done.

e. Specific Positioning Statement
An affordable, trendy photographer that produces up-to-date photographs that make your senior portaits stand out when compared to other photography studios. SMART Objectives Specific
Advertise and promote photography skills of photographying senior portraits.

I will reach my budget goals with booking 5 sessions a year.

Because I have not yet done a Senior Portrait session, I have made my booking goal significantly less than the Baby Portrait Campaign.

Book 5 sessions in the months of June 2010 through March 2011. These are the tactics that initially stimulate a consumers interested to take notice of your product or business. Once the consumer is stimulated, tactics must now engage them to continue interest. These types of more interactive and can be more specific to the consumer. These tactics continue to attract them to the business or product. Close tactics is when I am able to make the booking and schedule a session. Closing is important because that is what ultimately brings in your business and revenue. At the closing, it is important to obtain the customers information regardless of their follow through to book. This way you can continue to market to them speicifcally in hopes of a future sale. Once the consumer is stimulated, tactics must now engage them to continue interest. These types of more interactive and can be more specific to the consumer. These tactics continue to attract them to the business or product. CLOSE STIMULATE Close tactics is when I am able to make the booking and schedule a session. Closing is important because that is what ultimately brings in your business and revenue. At the closing, it is important to obtain the customers information regardless of their follow through to book. This way you can continue to market to them speicifcally in hopes of a future sale. These are the tactics that initially stimulate a consumers interested to take notice of your product or business. ENGAGE "Senior portraits" Marketing Tactics Free Senior Portrait Session Promoting in the local area of Muskego, Linda Ling Photography will advertise a contest that students can enter to win a free Senior portrait session. The contest will be promoted at local hang outs in the Muskego area and within in the High School. Flyers will be produced with not only the website specific landing page to Senior Portraits but also the Linda Ling Photography Facebook page and Twitter account. Because the target market is aiming at the age demographic of 16-18, social media is the most widely used source of media. So, in addition to flyers being posted in the local coffee shops, high schools, and restaurants, Facebook and Twitter ads will be used to post promoting the contest. The strategy of customer acquisition with this tactic is to grow virally which is the most promising with the demographic targeted. A contest is a great tactic to track because the collection of entries can measure the sucess of the promotion as well as obtaining a database of potential customers.

As you click through the next few steps, this Prezi will take you through the integration path of an interested consumer for the contest. In the case of the Senior Portrait Campaign, the landing page would be the "portaits" landing page on LindaLingPhotography.com. As stated before in the Social Media tactic with Babies Campaign, having value with your social media advertising is monumental. Because the Gen Y demographic of this campaign indexes heavily on social media, gaining and mainting relevance to their lives is essential. LindaLingPhotography will start another Facebook page that only displays Senior Portrait examples. Because this demographic doesn't quite overlap the target market of Families and Weddings, it is more beneficial to directly appeal to this particular demographic. With the dedicated Facebook page, I will be able to post the latest trends that teenagers are most able to relate to in High School. Not only will deals and contests me promoted, but other facts such as celebrity gossip, shopping tips and other types of topics that interest that demo. Once again, Facebook an Twitter offer great tracking analytics to measure results daily. Along with Cost Per Click and Click Thru Rate analysis that can determine if the online Facebook ads are sucessful. Social Media Advertising Although this tactic might seem primitive, it is one of the best options for the location that I am developing the studio. Muskego is considered a small town where locals are pretty familiar with the area and their neighbors. It is still considered underdeveloped where everyone is friends with the mail lady. Producing flyers to be distributed in areas near the High School will be able bring in branding and awareness of the photography studio. The flyer will contain the Facebook page, URL directly to the portraits landing page, phone number and e-mail address. To track the business from the flyers, there will be a promo code that customers can use when inquiring about a session, and will be able to recieve a discount using this code. This tactic is targeted more to the parents of the students. A flyer can also be effective by having a sample of your work in hard-copy for potential consumers to physically have in their hands. This type of media has indexed high with the older generations. Old School Flyers Local Publications With the same concept of profiling the Muskego area, advertising in the town's local publication is another tactic that would work well with promoting High School senior portraits. Local newspapers are viewed frequently by high school students and their families because the local papers usually post and write stories on high school sports and events. Having an ad as a coupon with a sample portrait along with a deal or special will help reach the target market of Linda Ling Photography and also gain awareness of the studio in the Muskego area. Patrons can receive the deal or special by brining in the ad found in the newspaper. This way I am able to measure the outcome of advertising in the local publication. They also have web pages that offer online advertising. Linda Ling Photography online ads would link to the Linda Ling Photography portrait landing page. These online banners can offer a promo code that customers will mention to receive the promoted sale or discount on the banners. Another way that I will be able to track and measure the success of the online portion of this tactic. Facebook Phone number Email Twitter Inquiry form Landing Page Webpage Here the consumer fills out an inquiry form that contains their contact information and brief description of what service they are requesting. Response from Linda Ling Photography must be within 2 days of inquiry. For the contest, the inquiry form would be an entry form. This form will collect the information of the consumer. Although they may not be the winner, Linda Ling Photography now has vital information to re-market to this person for a future booking. It will be important that Linda Ling Photography sends a confirmation email about the contest entry within 2 days or reception. To maintain client interest. Strategic Marketing Issues in eBusiness
Bus Adm 895
Linda Baehring
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