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Electron Cloud Model


lauren cocanougher

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Electron Cloud Model

Electron Cloud model!
by: Lauren Cocanougher
4th hour
1/24/13 the electron cloud model is an atom where in electrons are depicted as particles moving around the nucleus in a fixed orbit. the cloud model represents a sort of history where the electron has been and is likely to be going. This model is based on the theories of Werner Heisenberg This theory refers to the uncertainty principle stating that electrons move in envelope like cloud that could not be located at any given time. The models video. Whats the difference between the Bohr model & the Electron model ? The Bohr model depicts electrons in the orbit around the nucleus. The Electron cloud model shows orbitals within which an electron most likely is at any given time, these movements are random & sometimes they even move out side the orbitals, vs. Bohr Model Electron cloud model Definition :) Electron Model Werner Heisenberg! Electron Cloud- is a visual model of the most probable locations of electrons in an atom. The electron cloud A.K.A the Quantum mechanical model was first invented/discovered in the 1920s. Conclusion. The electron model was invented by Werner Heisenberg, in the 1920's. The Electron's circle the orbital around the nucleus, and they don't have a certain place they must remain they will always be moving in a circle and sometimes they happen to move off the orbital. Questions! 1) Who invented the electron cloud model? and when? 2) What was the theory of this experiment? 3) Where do the electrons flow in this experiment?
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