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The Problem with Pet Abandonment

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Cesar Mendoza

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of The Problem with Pet Abandonment

The Problem with Pet Abandonment
Pet abandonment is a major problem worldwide. Millions of pets are killed because of over-breeding by ignorant people who want money and others buying those pets instead of saving innocent ones by adopting them. The Puppy Farms these animals are mainly bred on treat them cruelly and inhumanely, to the point of killing the unsellable puppies. Many buyers then abandon the animals because they see them as an inconvenience.
What Happens to the Abandoned Animals?
From the moment these animals are abandoned and impounded, their cruel and unloving death is imminent. Once abandoned, they only have a limited amount of time to either be claimed or rescued before going to the pound. Animals deemed unsuitable to be "re-homed" by the pound rarely get a chance to be rescued.
In the US, the law states that impounded animals are not to be put to death until a miniscule 48 hours of being in the pound have passed. These animals are seldom claimed by their owners, so an animal's only hope is to be sent to a rescue space by volunteers. Animals are very lucky if a rescue space is found for them, as most rescue spaces are either already full or hundred of miles away from the pound they're in. As another obstacle from survival, not all rescue spaces have a "no-kill" policy in place, meaning that animals are still not safe if they don't find a home or are deemed unsafe for re-homing.
Pet abandonment is estimated to be at about six hundred million each year. This is because of many countries' cruel animal overpopulation control methods.
Around four million dogs are abandoned each year in the US alone.
There is also a huge problem with the abandonment of cats and other small animals. These animals, however, are more easily hidden.
Despite these statistics, people continue to support breeding by buying their pets from breeders and pet shops instead of adopting.
But Why Is This Such a Big Problem?
There is an extremely high rate of pet abandonment in the world.
People tend to not spay and neuter their pets (to remove the reproductive organs).
Not only are people breeding even more pets for money, but others are encouraging them by buying the bred animals instead of adopting innocent ones who are put to death when they don't find a home.
Nearly no one is animal-fostering, sponsoring, or adopting rescue pets.
There aren't a lot of "no-kill" shelters around.
The Solution?
Now that we know what happens to these abandoned animals, what are we supposed to do? Well, I've compiled a number of things we can do to stop this crime.
1) Every animal there is an overpopulation with should, by law, be neutered, micro-chipped, and legally registered to an owner.
2) Any exceptions to this should be watched closely so that any breeding is done correctly and will not harm the adoption of other dogs.
3) These laws should be carefully policed and should have severe consequences if broken. Black market breeding should also be severely punished.
Unfortunately, pets are so far down the list of political priorities that an adequate solution may be unreachable until it's seen as a very big deal. We'll need to submit campaigns through letters and emails, as well as petitions stating that this is a big problem that needs to be solved.
Getting the message across to everyone will be very difficult. All who are passionate about this cause will need to raise awareness about the severity of not neutering their pets. If we can get everyone on board with this, we can have a law to stop this needless animal suffering and death, and to save these innocent animals who aren't adopted.
Once the law is in place,
we can have to where:
Common reasons for pet abandonment are that owners:
Find the pet to be too much work and don't bother to train it correctly.
Don't neuter their pets, resulting in unwanted babies.
Can't afford the pet and don't have a contingency plan ready.
Have no time at home to be with the pet or is always at work.
Owner's relationship with the pet breaks up or they lose interest in them.
Irresponsibly breed, causing overpopulation to grow even more.
Have a baby, so they don't want the pet anymore.
Move to a property where pets are not allowed or get evicted from their current home.
Become ill or immobile and can't properly care for the pet anymore or passes away.
Don't want the pet once it becomes old in age or requires medical care requirements.
Why Are These Animals Abandoned?
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