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Francois Viete

No description

IvanAlbert Perkovic

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Francois Viete

By: Albert and Ivan Francois Viete FRench Renaissance Mathematician How did Mathematicians help Spread the Ideas of the Renaissance?
Francois Viete's worked on Geometry and Trigonometry as well as algebra like the Binomial formula created by Viete. Viete's Binomial Formula here shows Algebra and power. Improved over Pascal and Isaac Newton, on the Binomial series. Algebra Work Francois Viete was making progress on new algebra and geometry. But other mathematicians tryed doing Viete's work, such as Adriaan van Roomen, he couldn't do it, so he went making his own, creating this conflict
between Adriaan and Viete soon other mathematicians and scientists started to pay attention. Advancement in Mathematics and a new era The impact Viete did to the people of Renaissance was that their was then things about the human body or art. He created something that other people didn't think of Impact on renaissance Mathematicians helped spread ideas of the Renaissance
by building new inventions, progessing in trade, business, banking and mapping. This led to the age of exploration. Later on Mathematicians created the mechainical clock to tell individuals time in segments
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