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Cloning in our world

No description

Emir Aslan

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Cloning in our world

Cloning in our world
What is cloning
Cloning is the creation of an organism that is an same genetic copy of another.
Types of cloning
Organ Replacement
Substitude for natural production
Help in genetic research
Destroys Diversity
Human Rights Violation
İn many way cloning is very useful for human beings like we can exterminate lots of illness and produce healthy humans in all respects but cloning is banned in every country it also not good from religious side so scientist makes it secretly
By Emir Aslan
Dna Cloning
Reproductive Cloning
Dna Cloning
DNA cloning is the creation of multiple copies of an isolated DNA fragment by in vitro in vivo methods.
How to Clone

Nucleus remove from egg
Male cell nucleus injected to enucleated egg
By applying a electric pulse to injected egg to involve and this produces a clone embryo
Reproductive Cloning
Creating a human or animal that is an exact copy of another by using the dna of the original human or animal
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