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Revitalizing the Broad Street, Germantown & Erie Corridor: A Festival

No description

Laura Antinucci

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Revitalizing the Broad Street, Germantown & Erie Corridor: A Festival

Important Leaders: Officer Tyshaan Williams, Carol Horne Penn, Esq., Jim Hartling, Howard Foreman
Importance to Community
Leaders facilitated our progress and provided background

Revitalizating the Broad Street, Germantown & Erie Corridor:
A Festival

Dr. H. Ahada Stanford, Tiffany Justice, Linda Lawrence & Commerce Department staff
Overview and Project Goals
Area Profile
About the Event
Designed for visitors to see what businesses on the corridor have to offer, encourage them to return as a customer base
Temple University Hospital promotion of wellness practices

Business outreach and communication
Creation of Germantown, Broad and Erie business directory
Creation of assessment for second annual festival
Main Tasks
Consistent with January 2010 City Planning Commission Broad & Erie Transportation and Community Development Plan
Mostly to "Strengthen the Business District"

The Business Directory
Meeting Local Leaders and Field Visits
Acknowledgement to Leaders
Temple University Hospital
Department of Commerce
Germantown and Erie Merchants Association (GEMA)
Location of Corridor
About the Broad Street, Germantown and Erie Corridor
Urban Decay and Population Decline in the 1960s
Decline due to shift of population from cities to suburbs and loss of industry
Currently in earliest stages of economic revitalization
Future of Corridor
Goal: Develop the potential to become a Business Improvement District (BID)
Continue developing relationships with business owners and residents
City Government's continuing role in creating an environment for businesses to thrive
Re-assessing Corridor Goals
Focus Development in Priority Areas
-Gradually Redevelop Existing Properties

Strengthen the Business District
-Continue to Encourage Organization

Improve the Streetscape Along Major Roads
-Encourage Personal Ownership of Space
Officer Williams
Urban redevelopment is a multidisciplinary process
Festivals can spur development
Germantown, Broad, and Erie needs sustained, committed investment from stakeholders to realize potential
Brochure including directory and map for corridor
Brochure is designed not only for the event but for long-term use
Individual spotlights chosen based on popularity and longevity of operation
Thank you
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