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HR Internship

No description

catherine hyland

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of HR Internship

Revised/reposted offer letter templates

Managed new employee files, eVerify & Workflow

Assisted in scheduling on-site/phone interviews

Sat in on several interviews

Assisted in leading BAY STEM field trip

Campus Career Fair search and spreadsheet

Military recruitment strategy project sprint

Took part in RMMMs
Transferred Systems Lab from MS publisher to Power Point

Proofread Instructional Design story lines on Visio

Storyboarding session for Virtual Training Scenario-Visio

New template to record Learning Liaison Program meetings

Organized feedback from monthly OnBoarding survey
Debbie Connelly: Vice President, Human Resources

Gail Joyce: Manager, HR Services & HR Generalists

Jenn Minturn: Manager, Learning & Organizational Development

Sarah Coakley: Manager, Employee Programs & Recruiting

Sarah Justice: Manager, Talent Acquisition

Kathleen Vegh: Manager, Employee Engagement

Lindsay Hostetler: Team Leader, Recruiting

Sheila Petersen: Team Lead, Corporate Learning
Sam Babic
Marc Byrnes, Oswald Companies
Will Tarter, Downtown Cleveland Alliance
Tom Hopkins, VP of HR at Sherwin Williams
Ari Maron, Mastermind behind E. 4th St
Ashley Basile Oeken, Executive Director of Engage! Cleveland
Dennis Lehman, Executive VP of Business for Indians
39th floor of Key Tower-Thompson Hine's office
My HR Internship

at Hyland Software

Projects and Tasks
HR Services
Learning & Organizational
Learning from Leaders
Meet the HR Leaders!
Passport Meetings
iCleveland-June 28th
"Our employees are our family."
"We are motivated people passionately dedicated to the success of the company."
What is the most valuable lesson you have learned throughout your career?

"Be willing to take risks!" -Kathleen

"Treat people with respect and you will be respected." -Gail

"Be honest and be transparent."
-Sarah Coakley

"Have faith in your self, have faith in your skills, and have faith in your company." -Jenn

Communicate, communicate, communicate." -Debbie

"Ask for opportunities in a helpful way." -Sarah Justice

"Separate business from personal." -Lindsay

"Be flexible, but also be able to set boundaries so that you don't take on too much at one time." -Sheila
Susan deCathelineau
Bill Priemer & Debbie Connelly
Associate Vice President, Development
16 years at Hyland
Hyland as a start up company and how things have changed over the years
Intern Benefits Brochure

Configuration of HCM solution

eTime system audit

HR Portal: Payroll, Benefits, International

Job Description Project
Ideas I will Treasure
Associate VP, Healthcare Services
Background in Healthcare Information Management
Started as a customer
Implementing OnBase with EMRs such as Epic so that it is seamless
VP, Human Resources
"We are looking for smart, hard-working, resourceful, team players."
Reasons to work for Hyland after graduation
The company is poised for growth
We will train you-constantly
You can grow!

"Work Hard, Play Hard"
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