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Canada East Confederation

Did Canada East join Confederation?

Mahnoor Tariq

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Canada East Confederation

Confederation Canada East IN THE END.... By:Sehar, Mahnoor Allan, Hassan, Mohammad and Omar Did Canada East join Confederation? Political Advantages/Disadvantages of
Confederation Advantages: will be able to partly control our own affairs French and English would be equal partners great powerful nation would remain a territorial and governmental unit (as Quebec) Disadvantages: Political Deadlock resulting in English and French-speaking accusing each other Great minority in the General Parliament will have to argue for the defense and preservation of our political rights and liberty New government would be based on "rep by pop" and Canada East would be outnumbered in the new parliament *Advantages: Social & Cultural military advantages : Immediate Confederation effects Pros Cons Economic Advantages/Disadvantages in Confederation Advantages: Cross-Canada Railway would help inter colonial trade and would have a rapid increase in industrialization The St.Lawrence River was in debt and joining the Canadas would help the financial crisis of this problem. -Canadiens could get their province identity.
-French always wanted dependency. Potential confederation effects Pros: *Disadvantages: -There are thousands of French who cannot speak English,and thousands of English that cant speak French.
-French-speaking people of Canada-east feel they will be swapped by an English-speaking majority.
-Quebec asking dependency from the rest. - Confederation would change them from five unimportant colonies into a great and powerful nation. - In case of war, all the colonies would stand strong together. - It would encourage people to come from other countries to settle in Canada. -It will remove the barriers to trade among the colonies and provide a market of four million states. Cons: -Political deadlock is making it impossible to get any thing done in the government of Canada east, and Canada west. -French and English always wanted it's own way. -French_speaking people of Canada east did not want confederation because confederation would mean that they will be a part of a large country mostly English-speaking country. -Confederation will make Canada have a big population -Canada will have lots of land -Confederation will make people
feel stronger as one. -French Canadian'S
would get their provincial identity -Canada will have a better econonomy
as a result -People will feel safer
from a american attack/
invasion The railway would also help with the transportation of people and would earn more money due to this cause. The union would have a stronger connection with each other -More taxes because of
confederation -Different economies in
different colonies Overall they would become a diverse community Disadvantages: -Our own flag The union increased problems with American routes and collided frequently -difficulty of trying to defend an enormous amount of territory When united, they would have to share wealth among all of Canada, resulting in a slight decrease in the economy. JOHN A. MACDONALD UNITED STATES PARTI ROUGE (A.A. DORION CANADIENS CANADA EAST JOINS CONFEDERATION GEORGE ETIENNE CARTIER GEORGE BROWN BRITIAN NOVA sCOTIA NEW BRUNSWICK ENGLISH-SPEAKING CITZENS HABITANTS P.E.I.
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