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The American Presidency.

No description

melanie soto

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of The American Presidency.

Communicating The President many of the president find ways to communicate with us the americans like tv, telegraphs, newsletters, radio,and now internet which a lot of americans use now to express their opopion about presidency media To be a president you have to learn to communicate good with the
media they have to excite the crowd and inspire them for a president to be successful they need good communication skills radio radios were very useful so president could make there speches and people would lsten to it and thats how people would decide how good the president is television by the 1950's presidents realized that much of there
time and money went into television became a part of
television since everyone watched tv internet bill clinton was the first president to introduce the internet to us many people used the internet so thats how people found out aboutthe president and the stuff he says
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