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Dorian Tallbody webcraft advantages

No description

Nihal Ahmed

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Dorian Tallbody webcraft advantages

WebCraft Worldwide
Online business- The Advantage
Advantages of an Online Business (IBIS)
I want something that will be easy to do.
He began by creating a criteria list describing precisely what he did and did not want from his ‘ideal’ business. He wrote..
My Ideal Business
I want an income that will give my family more than we need.
I don’t want to make someone else rich while I struggle on.
I don’t want to live my life based around someone else’s time clock.
During my extensive research into how people were making money via an online business (IBIS), one of my mentors gave the following reasons behind his decision to use the Internet as his vehicle to financial security and a better lifestyle
Fast and (mostly) free
Meet a wider audience

You can add a blog and perhaps include videos, audio, live chat, forums, RSS feeds and even podcasts to your online business (IBIS). All these elements can attract customers and create interest. By entering into a dialogue with your visitors and customers this way, you can solicit the kind of detailed feedback that offline business owners can only dream of.

Anyone can easily lose a business card or forget the name of a business they spotted in the local phone book. However, if they have your online business (IBIS) stored in their web browser’s “favorites” they can return to your site whenever they need more information or guidance.
I want to work from home or anywhere else I choose.
Improving Income & Employment Opportunities Globally

You can add updates and new information directly to your web pages and notify your customers pretty much immediately. Fresh, relevant information will not only keep your customers returning to the site but will also help to convince the search engines that you deserve high placement for relevant search terms thus driving further traffic and potential new business.

Cost effective
After reading his list, it was clear to see why anyone, including myself, would choose to set up an online business (IBIS) over a conventional offline business.

The global reach of the Internet allows you to build reputation at speed and within a cost framework that would simply be impossible offline. Businesses that have never previously considered “brand” or “brand values” are now able to gain mind share and thus market share.

The Internet has a place for nearly everyone from big manufacturers to medium-sized companies to niche marketers to home-based businesses. And since websites are open 24/7/52, Webcrafters keep their businesses visible without worrying about infrastructure and marketing or administrative costs. Whether you’re a start up or a hundred-year-old firm, you can take advantage of the cheap, if not free, WebCraft methods with which to do business online.
Reduced advertising costs
I don’t want to be away from my family for up to 16 hours per day
I don’t want to have to leave home for work in the dark and return home in the dark.
I don’t want to sit in traffic for hours.
I don’t want to do something that requires a lot of training.
He went on to write…
I want to spend more time with my family.
I want to have a job that will give me all the free time I want.
I want (and need) to start making money right now.
I want to make money whether I’m actually working or not. i.e. residual income.
I want to only work a few hours a day.
I want to be able to make more money than a doctor.
I want to do something that I enjoy
I want to travel whenever I want.
Today, the Internet has made communication available at an instant, whether the customer lives at the end of the street or on the other side of the planet. The Internet has made true and relevant the old adage, “time is money”, enabling anyone with access to grab opportunities immediately.
Online transactions are virtually hassle-free and most promotions can be pushed at nearly no cost. Probably the only cost that a Webcrafter (if you can think of a better name, please let me know) has to worry about is hosting fees for his site. Since there is no need for ‘physical’ premises (most Webcrafters prefer to do business at home), overhead costs like rental and storage are cut to a minimum.
Jumping on the bandwagon may seem cheesy to some business-minded people, but if the bandwagon is headed where you want to go, why not grab a seat? It’s only natural and practical to use the Internet to promote products and services because it is a feasible way of maintaining contact with regular clients and locating new ones.
Small (and home) businesses can compete with the giants
Outdo competition
Not all competitors in your chosen niche own great websites, some do not even own websites at all. By creating an online presence which is better presented, better search engine optimized and better marketed than those of your competitors, you can gain market share at the expense of your competition.
Newspapers, magazines and other traditional offline advertising media generally cost far more than online advertising. Even businesses that simply use their websites as an online brochure enjoy significant cost savings when factoring in printing costs.
Instant feedback
Develop a brand
Repeated business
Provide guidance and information

The truth of the matter is, even with all these advantages, it’s not as straightforward as simply throwing up a website and immediately having money pour into your bank account.

If You Build It, Will They Come?
Ultimately, my research reveals the Internet to be a powerful tool capable of providing anyone, either already in business or just starting out, with the ability to overwhelmingly stack the odds in their favour. Which is a good thing, right?
I decided to continue my research to uncover further reasons why I should go the ‘online’ route and here’s what I discovered.
First, you need to know how an online business (IBIS) works, and second, you need a solid system in place before you can have any real expectation of online success.
For further details visit
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