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Global Citizen Program

No description

Ekaterina Chernova

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Global Citizen Program

January - March 2015
"Enter your future" team and AIESECers in Belgrade...
Classes and bestest students ever...
"Enter your future" is an educational project. All the interns were supposed to teach different languages in schools in Belgrade. What about me, I taught English in high school and Russian as a foreign language in the youth centre "Dom Omladine". To teach Russian was a challenging mission for me as I've never done it before. But I had motivated and smart students and I think our cooperation was successful. Moreover I got a great support from people who work in the centre and I am especially grateful to Nevena Pavlovic for her attention and professional attitude towards our classes.
Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Such places heal our souls....
My host family...
Global Citizen Program
Serbia. Belgrade.
What truly makes the internship alive and enjoyable is staying with a host family - people who represent a whole new world. My host family is a family of three: Nina, Dijana and Branko (short Bane). They were the first people who helped me to adapt to new living conditions during the first week of the internship. They did their best to organize my living space comfortable, they showed me the city and were very attentive and hospitable. My host family lives nearby St. Sava Cathedral, the biggest Christian Orthodox church in Europe, and every time coming back home I observed a magnificent view that filled my heart with excitement. But for my host family, this internship would have been much harder for me.
Thank you!
Love you...
We discussed a lot that people make the place. My internship would be different without you. You know how I feel about you. No words - just memories...
The participants of the project came from different parts of the world and each of them was unique. We were different and sometimes we had hard times, but mostly we had fun end enjoyed time spending together. I am sure we loved each other in our own way. During the internship we took part in local AIESEC meetings and AIESECers helped a lot with organizing our classes as well as organizing our spare time. We visited musems, places of interest, clubs, walked around the city, discussed various topics, played games... All in all, they were people who made this internship adventurous and unforgettable.
Miss you...
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