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Laura Bennett

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Music

Boggie in the 70'S
Looking back now you can see why the 80s had the impact they did. We welcomed shoulder pads, mini skirts and leg warmers into our wardrobes. Team these up with some big hair, hooped earrings and some fingerless gloves and you are set. The 80s also saw punk rock take over our radio and our style. Colored hair and bold clothing was very much the rage.
Although INXS was formed in the 1970's, they became one of this eras biggest artists with their album 'Kick'. With popular hits like Need You Tonight, Never Tear Us Apart and Mystify, this band put their name on the map. At this time Michael Hutchence was lead singer and gave the band a legacy that still lasts today.
This is what was playing on stereos in Australia in the 1980s...

Kylie Minogue - Locomotion
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen
Men at Work - Downunder
George Michael - Faith
John Farnham - The Voice
Bananarama - Venus
an interesting decade...
the 90's style
The 90's introduced an electric mix of style and taste
- alternative
- grunge
- hip hop
- rap
- punk
- electronic
- dance music
The impact of music
The 90's
An eclectic mix
Listen up!
The 80's
The 1990's saw a huge variety in both fashion and hairstyle. It was an decade in which hair gel and bleach was in heavy demand and the popularity of body modifications such as tattoo's as well as body and ear piercings increased dramatically!
The late 90's saw pastel colours, like baby blue, pink and yellow the clothing adorned with the union jack become the for front fashion. People begun to adopt a casual chic look which included t-shirts, jeans, hoodies and trainers manufactured by adidas, rebok, hitec and nike. All in all the 90's saw an anti conformist approach to fashion and thanks to the popularity of grunge and rock music, the simple, unkept grunge look became mainstream.
A passion for..
What was hot in The 70's

1970's saw the rise of disco and the emerging of punk rock, hard rock and heavy metal bands as Led Zepplin and Black Sabbath, bringing us dynamic stage shows with unique performers like Kiss, Alice Cooper and Sky Hooks!
70's was the time of vinyl records, cassette tapes, colour television. Music shows as Count Down, Night Moves, Sounds, Funky Road.Fashion and Hairstyles of the 70”s. The 70's was a time of big everything was big, colourful and innovative. For the ladies was a time for big hair styles, the Farrah mane was hot and adoured by every woman in the world, high waste pants and short shorts, jumpsuits, pants with flares. For the men the 70's was high collar and lots colour and flare, the men wore platform shoes, makeup, grew their sideburns long and there hair styles were known as the shag, bowl cut or afro these styles. Over the decades we will see that fashion and hairstyles repeat themselves for example the shag look with a sharper edge and the high waisted short shorts and bootleg jeans.
The top Australian bands and their hit songs
ACDC - 1975 T.N.T (25 million followers)
Cold Chisel -1978 Khe Sanh, Breakfast at sweethearts (148,000 followers)
Sky Hooks - 1974 living in the seventies (221,500 followers)
Midnight Oil - 1978 Run by Night (123,000 followers)
The Masters Apprentice - 1970 Because I Love You
You Tube is an awesome site to use to explore any of your artists songs allowing viewing of the music clip of all your old time favourites!
The 90's was an incredibly interesting decade for music, and had an enormous impact of society, and it's current norms. Movements such as 'rap' and 'gangsta rap' who's lyrics were almost always dominated by sex, drugs and violence, marked the first time that people talked about these topics musically. Grunge music experienced an overwhelming popularity throughout the early to mid 90's but suffered with the fall of bands such as Nirvana. Hip hop quickly became one of the best selling genres of the decade as did dance music, most specifically house music, which was popular in clubs. The late 90's saw an over riding popularity of pop music which targeted younger audiences and included groups such as the backstreet boys and Brittany Spears, who dominated the radio well into the 2000's.
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ACDC an Australian band forming in 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young. Their first album to hit the chart in 1975 was T.N.T. Quoted from their offical web page, ACDC was a dynamic and influencial hard rock band during the 70's, with seeing the tragic death of their lead singer/song writer Bon Scott on February 19, 1980. Who was replace by Brian Johnson. They are a band that is still going strong seeing them cover three decades. Today they are among the 5 top selling bands in American history with sales over 200 million albums.
The 1980's is a decade which
we all wish we were apart of. Synthpop and New Wave was developed and music videos started to have a big impact on the record industry. Metal and Rock music showed to be very popular as well as Hip Hop, Pop and Techno. Welcome to the decade that had it all.
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The 90's was a great decade for showing off home grown talent, especially one band who after forming in 1992 rose to fame all over the world. Silverchair, originally called the innocent criminals, was formed in Newcastle, Australia by three schoolmates. two years after forming, their demo tape won first place in a competition of 800 entries, which saw them for the first time in a recording studio. In January 1995 the band released it's first album, Frogstomp became the first album to enter the Australian charts at number one, and it went platinum within a week; it would soon go multi-platinum and spend six weeks in a row at number one. With success in the Australian, U.S. and European markets silverchair have 19 ARIA awards to their name and are the only Australian band to enjoy five number one albums. In 2011, the band announced an indefinite hiatus, as members are currently working on individual projects.
Music has an enormous impact on society around the world. Over the decades music has transformed fashion, hairstyle trends and many other aspects of social life.

Lets have a look at how music, has had a vast impact on fashion and style throughout the 70's, 80's and 90's and how these decade's still have an enormous impact on fashion and style in today's society.
70's, 80's & 90's
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