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quality checks in facade deliverables

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esha sharma

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of quality checks in facade deliverables

SITE SURVEY Commissioning &Actual use Production Delivery and installation A Typical Project activity flow Site take over inspection with client

Inspection of cavities, anchors, and cast in anchors and channels where applicable The Product Panel Installation On site Testing and Inspections Best practices are used to maintain quality as an alternative to mandatory legislated standards and can be based on self-assessment or benchmarking. why Best practices ensure the right method of unloading is being carried out

On-site inspection of received material

Proper stacking/storage of panels at site Receiving material at site utmost precaution should be taken while packaging and loading in order to minimize the in transit damage packaging and loading Project Pre-production Stage Tender invitation by client Pretender Documentation Post Tender - Review by Commercial Department Production Process Facade deliverables Resources handing over and service why Best Practices should be implemented in facade industry... insufficient or incorrect raw material,
improper assembly...
or imperfect installation, manhandling
can lead to..... Best practice is the magical key, that opens the doors
of quality manufacturing and delivery Personal Training 1. continued training should be imparted and its practical
effectiveness should be periodically accessed an irreversible loss
in terms of time, money and resources
to the contractor as well as the client List of important documents to be maintained 1. Policies
2. tender document
project drawings
contractor-client agreement
warranty/servicing policies 3. Material lists
4. fabrication manuals
5. technical data sheets
6. master plans/ files 7. forms and formats
8. records 1o attributes of a good document 1. Accurate
2. Clear
3. Complete
4. Consistent
5. Indelible
6. legible
7. timely
8. direct
9. Authentic
10. authorized training for all the personnel whose duties take
them into production area or into installation fields
(including the technical, maintenance and cleaning people) Principles of Best Practices design and construct the facility & equipment properly
follow written procedures and instructions
work validation monitor facilities and equipment
write step by step operating procedures and work on instructions
design develop and demonstrate job competence
protect against malfunctioning
control components and fabrication related process
conduct planned and periodic audits Profile cutting Machining
(routing, etc) Frame assembly Glazing SITE SURVEY Procurement profiles
consumables Quality check These are the best practices or method or technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means, and that is used as a benchmark


the process of developing and following a standard way of doing things that multiple organizations can use. What are quality checks non-traceability can lead to disasters Best practice is a feature of accredited management standards such as ISO.. Most Importantly Best practices allow the traceability and accountability DOCUMENT THE WORK Design and development of specifications Technical and commercial bid queries Negotiation meetings Closure of tender budget Awarding of Letter of Interest Tender Budget and document review with client.

Project Kick off meeting internal.

Project Planning and approval by client with cash flow statements. Project process meeting Kick off with 3 c’s (client, consultant and contractor).

Master and micro planning.

Clarify design intent and material data sheet with 3C’s.

Sample approvals of specified material with data sheets.

Concept drawings of various designs & subsequent Approval.

Commencement of Shop drawings & final Approval

Intermediate Pro-type test if any with required detail.

Proto type testing if any.. Document the Work Procurement process.
In coming material validation and quality assessment.
On line quality assessment during production. ( various inspections)
Production in house and site dispatch of fabricated panels with test records.
On site received inspection.
Site take over inspection with client.
Anchors, cast in anchors inspection.
Panel smoke seal, torque test & Visual inspection of installed panels daily basis or as and when it is done.
Completion on site test and handover of building.
Document closure with all forms, warranties, inspection, test plans, as built drawings etc,.. Incoming material validation and quality assessment Online quality assessment during production by means of inspection of each process and component Site Dispatch of fabricated panels with test records Smoke seal test Torque test Visual Inspection On Site completion test hand over of the building Document closure check for:
Test plans
Built in Drawings Every activity of a project needs to be documented to avoid conflicts and to achieve a smooth completion Hardware fitting
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