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Education is key:

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Sania Bishnoi

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Education is key:

Education is Key: Increasing Diabetes Education Decreases Growth of Diabetes
Uneducated residents of rural India have incorrect perceptions regarding diabetes

Poor parental education

The limited awareness regarding diabetes is an alarming issue that indicates the need for an increase in diabetic education in rural India. There should be an increase of ASHAs in rural India to lessen the spread of the disease.
207, 000, 000 illiterates from a population of 700,000,000

Agriculture above school

Information Communication Technology (ICT)
Pratham Experiment:
Learn to read and mathematics in less than 3 months

Reading camps in villages

Equip the residents in rural India with knowledge
Graphic Evidence #1:
Blueprint for Change:
Training offered at healthcare clinics

Increase diabetes education

Benefits of being aware
Patient education is important

Study done on 703 village inhabitants

Educating people in rural India on diabetes lessens the growth of the disease
Graphic Evidence #2:
Lack of Educators:
Lack of trained diabetic educators

Private versus public sectors

Physicians under qualified
Asha stands for Accredited Social Health Activist

Women resident of village; education up to at least 8th grade

1000 people per village
Manage village and tend to the diabetic patients

Awareness campaigns, diet and exercising counseling

Link between opportunities and occupants
Most effective solution

Between the ages of 20-29

Pass down knowledge
Education is the solution specifically having ASHA's educate the villagers

Need to be diagnosed at an early stage

ASHA's have multiple benefits
Next step

Ray of hope

Thank you!
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