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Fill the Pool: Frisco Aquatics Building Campaign

Information about the Frisco Aquatics Building Campaign - who we are, what it is, and how you can help!

Katy Motsinger

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Fill the Pool: Frisco Aquatics Building Campaign

Concession Stand
Understanding the
Swimming Crowd
We are wonderfully unique
Personalized engraved bricks or tiles will be installed in walkways, plazas, indoor corridors, or on vertical walls.
Brick and Mortar
Tile Sponsors
Personalized tiles with company logos can be installed in walkways, indoor corridors, and on vertical walls.
Starting Block Sponsors
Nameplate on the back of the starting block, where every swimmer steps up to race.
Personalized and/or Corporate tiles can be installed on lanes at the base of the starting blocks, seen by all who enter the pool.
Trophy Case Sponsor
A focal point upon entering the facility, your company will congratulate the accomplishments of Frisco's talented swimmers and be equated with excellence.
Classroom Sponsor
National Governing Body

"One of the 15
Most Influential
Sports Education Teams
in the USA"
Institute of
International Sport
Highest count of Olympic and World Championship medals
Swimming Continuum
An athlete's journey...
how a young child first learns to swim and progresses through the sport over the course of a lifetime.
Age Group Swimming
National Team
USA Swimming and Frisco Aquatics promote learn-to-swim as an introduction to the activity of swimming.
Parks & Recreation Departments
USA Swimming Member Clubs
Summer League Programs
Learn-to-Swim Programs
Boys & Girls Clubs
School Districts
Quality training and character building experiences for athletes and coaches.
The National Team is comprised of the fastest swimmers in the United States, representing our country on an international stage of elite competition.
Hard work.
Maybe one of these swimmers will be the best –
representing the U.S. in the next Olympics.
Whether an athlete is training for a triathlon, or swimming for weight loss, there is a level for everyone.

Make a Splash is a local partner program through USA Swimming Foundation geared towards developing learn-to-swim community programs across the country.
Who We Are
We strive to inspire and enable our swimmers to achieve excellence in the sport of swimming and in life. We are committed to sharing the values of our sport, promoting swimming as a lifelong passion, and engaging young people in healthy activity.

We seek to continue our tradition of excellence so that each athlete can fulfill their dreams, whether that be learning to swim or an Olympic medal.
To inspire and enable our swimmers to achieve excellence in the sport of swimming and in life beyond the sport.
To provide the highest quality swimming experience in Texas by providing opportunities for swimmers of all ages and abilities.
To date...
163% growth in 2 years
Fastest growing club team out of 2800+ USA Swimming clubs
If you build it, they will come.
The Problem
No facilities currently in place are designed to run full-service aquatic programming for the community
The Frisco Athletic Center
Frisco ISD Natatorium
They are already here!
The Solution
Facility designed to handle the aquatic needs of the Frisco community
Olympic size competition pool
(50 meter x 25 yards)
25 yard 4-lane warm water pool
(closed off viewing area)
Multipurpose Classroom
Designed as practical use facility
The Goal
The Swimming Continuum
The Role of USA Swimming
The Space Issue
How to Help!
At Frisco

A day in the life...
Facilities for the six Frisco ISD high schools:
6 football fields
6 tracks
6 practice fields
6 tennis courts
Learn to Swim on back-order
More importantly, we believe all children need to learn to be safe in the water.
USA Swimming
is the sole organization to go to Olympics for swimming

USA Basketball
, an organization of organizations to comprise an Olympic team
Both USA Swimming and USA Basketball are national governing bodies in their respective sport
Just to compare...
USA Swimming
300,000+ members
2,800+ clubs
$112,000 =
Avg Household

58% female
42% male
Children from non-swimming households are 8X more likely to drown

6TH LEADING CAUSE of unintentional injury or death for people of ALL AGES

2ND LEADING CAUSE of death for children ages 1 to 14 years
Learn to Swim Programs
Annual Visitors by Program
Purpose of facility geared towards a variety of aquatic activity.
Corporate logo and message will be displayed on the outside of the room to anyone who walks through the door.
video review
board meetings
staff meetings
parent meetings
event operations
team education
A high-traffic stand, in operation during events, meets, and team spirit events, seen immediately upon entry.
Have your company's logo seen every day by anyone who watches a clock.
600+ athletes
1200+ parents
every few
Over a 3 day meet, this amount of square footage will be viewed by...
Locker Room Sponsor
Lessons Partipants
There will be a public locker room used for all programming and a private locker room for the Frisco Aquatics Elite team.
And so many more!
Name the Building
This opportunity provides a unique marketing property to promote products and services, create customer retention and increase market share.
Naming rights for 10 year term
Thank you for taking the time to view our presentation.

Want more information, or interested in a sponsorship opportunity?
Please contact:

Lynn Bergman
Frisco Aquatics Community Relations
(703) 909-1780
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